Friday, December 7, 2018

Pearl Harbor Day and noticing my son was still awake with matching Gematria-Customer at work quit Walmart synchronicity

I just posted about LeBron and the Spurs game tonight. I then remembered today is Pearl Harbor Day. 
Pearl Harbor=114, 183(reverse)
Lebron James=114, 183(reverse)

Anyway I typed in "Pearl Harbor Day" and noticed it equals 634(satanic). 
Pearl Harbor Day=634(satanic)
I then walked into the other room and I noticed my son was still awake as I thought he was sleeping. I started talking to him, but left him in his bed as I know he will eventually go to bed cause he is tired. 
I figured I'd type in his name again because of that moment and I see his name is 634. 
Zamien Behrendt=634(satanic)
Zamien Behrendt also matches Pearl Harbor Day in all 4 base ciphers too. 
Also...."Los Angeles Lakers"=634(eng ext). 

I also noticed "Zamien Behrendt"=829(Jewish)...remember a few days ago when talking about the Alaska Earthquake I mentioned this number. Plus all year the birth of Zamien was connected to Bridges/Earthquakes. 
Zamien=585(Jewish)....585 a big earthquake number as well. 

Another thing that isn't related to this is earlier at work I was talking about how Shitty Walmart is...then not even 5 minutes later a girl that works with my girlfriend came into the store. She also works at the Jail and at Walmart. She went on to tell me how she quit her job at Walmart today. I laughed and told her I was just talking about Walmart.....I looked her name up in Gematria of of course it's 88 just like Walmart. 

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