Sunday, December 2, 2018

Kareem Hunt-Chiefs and the Sea of Red-Moses and the Burning BUSH-86

I keep seeing people talk about the death of George HW Bush and how he is burning in hell. It makes me think of what I was talking about in 2015 yet again with the Moses/Ram symbolism. 
Moses and the Burning BUSH.
The Chiefs play in the Sea of's why it's important that Alex Smith played for the Chiefs/49ers so on..
Kareem AJ Hunt=71
Moses=71=The Ten Commandments
Super Bowl LIII=71 and 181(reverse)

Notice Kareem Hunt was the 86th pick in the draft and he was born on 8/6. 
Remember how 8/6 was important to the Holy Fire and many other things going on that I have talked about. 
The incident happened in CLEVELAND too. Also think about the Chiefs...the Indians...When talking about the Indians I mentioned there is something to do with Kansas City that I didn't understand. So I'm intrigued by it. 
His bday is 181 days before the Super Bowl. 

The Incident happened 5 months 28 days before his bday. 
His bday is 5 months 28 days before the Super Bowl. 

Plus the 86' Bears were important to what I was talking about with the Chiefs in 2015...but it was all connected to the Patriots winning as they lost to the 86' Bears. 
Chicago Bears=71(rev red)

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