Sunday, December 9, 2018

The guy who owns the bar died today-624-Bridge-Earthquake-Drowning

The owner of the Buffalo Club died today. Remember there was something important to him and 624 that I documented with my Drowning symbolism stuff. What's interesting is my friend Pam text me about it at 1:17 today. 
I took a screen shot of it at 1:17 but for some reason my phone just has an all black picture so I took this other one.
Anyway the reason that it's important is because when I documented about all of this it was connected to the birth of my son on 1/17 and Bridge symbolism. (See my Youtube videos about drowning and it will make more sense). 

Oddly enough today is 39 days before 1/17. 
Pam Melby=39
I wonder too as to why my phone has PAN instead of Pam? It makes me think of the God PAN. 

It's also interesting that he died 4 months 17 days after I documented about him. Remember 4/17 was the day my uncle Clancy died that was important to 624/Bridge/Drowning so on..

Interesting he dies 129 days before the next 4/17. 
Today is 12/9
Pam Melby=129
I've just recently documented about the dates seemingly connecting backwards with the Hawaii/Alaska Earthquakes this sticks out to me how it connects to the dates backwards. 
Remember a long time ago I had synchronicity with Pam and the priest stuff while watching South Park too. 
South Park=39, 129
It's funny to me as just before she text me I watched the new episode of South Park for the first time on Hulu...It was all about Amazon which I just documented about on 11/30....on 11/30 I also mentioned the guy who died because his name equals "164" as special number as of late. 

Pam's bday is also 8/18 which is funny as that date was really significant to the Bridge stuff with Pope Francis....That date was 8/18/18 this year and it was 8 months 1 day after Pope Francis' 81st bday....All the Bridge Stuff is about 81...It's currently the 81st anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge being opened...Minnesota Bridge Collapse on 8/1 and fell 81 feet...main trusses were 81 meters took them 81 minutes to transport everyone to the hospital.....
He will be turning 82 on 12/17/18..

If 6/23 is his real bday too....he died 196 days before his bday. 
Buffalo Club=196

It's also 196 days after the Golden Gate Bridges anniversary. 
Also 6 months 12 days....the Earthquake number. 

So just documenting some things and will add more when I find out more details. Like I said before possibly his bday isn't 6/23 too. 

The other bar in town that recently changed it's name is interesting too. 
The Dog House=527(Jewish)

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