Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Steve Kerr out indefinitely-Mike Brown-Kevin Durant 35-Cavs Warriors game on 1/16.-Space

In looking at this article I noticed they are advertising a Kevin Durant Seattle Supersonics jersey. 
My initial thoughts on Steve Kerr being out and Mike Brown being the coach seems like it's bad for the Warriors. 
Mike Brown seems to be set up for failure as a coach, so I can't imagine him being the coach being a good thing for the Warriors. Mike Brown of course was the coach of Lebron with the Cavs and lost in the Finals to the Spurs. He also won back to back 60+ game seasons and lost in the playoffs with the Cavs. Then the Lakers lost with him and he was fired and replaced by now Rockets coach Mike Dantoni. 
I see he did win the NBA Finals as an assistant coach with the Spurs in 2003 though. 

Anyway I also forgot that Durant actually played with the Sonics
before they became the Thunder. 
Kevin Durant=139

Mike Brown was born on 3/5. 
Kevin Durant wears # 35
The Miracle guy dies age 35. We got the story 35 days before the finals begin.
King James=35
The Rockets lost 35 games in 94'95.
The Rockets lost in the Finals to the Celtics in the 35th NBA Season. 

In documenting the Rockets stuff I have mentioned the game on 1/16(Eugene Cernan died) the Cavs lost to the Warriors by 35 and more. 

Ha literally at the exact second I re-looked up the games on 1/16 because of the 35 stuff I hear the TV say $35,000. Of course it's on channel 116 too. The game on 1/16 that was all about 35...I mean how does this stuff happen? 

The game on 1/16 the Warriors got their 35th win beating the Cavs by 35. Green knocked over James which was a big highlight of the game when the Cavs had 35 points. Interesting the Warriors had 52 points and I'm re documenting this on 5/2? 
The 122nd day....
Golden State=122

I also previously documented that Cernan died 1 month 26 days before his bday on 3/14. This is also Steph Curry's bday. 
The Warriors scored 126 and the Cavs 91. 
NBA Finals=57(reverse)-something I didn't think about before
Cernan=35(reduced reverse)
Seems to me the Rockets are connected to the death of John Glenn, and the Warriors connected to the Eugene Cernan. 
Glenn died 143 days after his bday. 
March 14th is also 14/3. 
March 14th to Glenn's bday is 126 days. 
Mercury Seven=168=Cleveland Cavaliers

Gonna think more about this after work. I feel like I'm missing a big piece to the space stuff. 

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