Friday, December 21, 2018

Something to do with "Salt" tonight- I keep seeing it all over

I just went to watch the newest episode of the Conners and I noticed something interesting. One of the latest episodes is called "Hold the Salt". Now this would seem to mean anything except for earlier on Facebook I saw a bunch of posts that talked about "Salt". One in particular that stood out to me the most was a girl saying how she loves her son more than "Salt". I've just never heard that phrase before. Of course her name equals 164 in gematria too. 

A while back I wrote a blog post that I didn't post about the number 11/Qliphoth and a crazy migraine I had. The lady at work said, it might be because I had too much Sodium....which was funny as the atomic number of Sodium is 11. 

So who knows, I really have to get some sleep but I didn't want to forget this as I have seen a big pattern with it tonight. 

I've been doing this a lot lately on my post too. I want to remember the info, but I don't want to share the info until I can properly word my thoughts. 


  1. Too weird, I was just doing some reading the other day and came across Mathew talks about how we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We put lamps on a stand rather than under a bowl in order for everyone in the house to receive light. Keep sharing your thoughts, you never know who it could help create a connection with.
    A couple last notes I wanted to share, in the beginning of Zach's book he talks about "garden of Eden"= 62 and that's how many times the Bible mentions the word "garden". "Garden of Eden" also equals 226...which is interesting because the word "lie" is mentioned 226 times in the Bible...and if I'm correct, the garden of Eden is where the first LIE was spoken to humanity. (Take from the tree of knowledge and you'll become God like, knowing good from evil)

  2. Salt movie with Angela Jolie was on tv but I didn't watch it because it looked stupid.