Friday, December 7, 2018

Kevin Hart won't host Oscars after Homophobic Tweets

Academy Awards=80 and 233
Notice the Awards will be held 233 days after Kevin Hart's bday...
Also he steps down from hosting 80 days before the the Awards. 

The Oscars=54(rev red), 108, 135(reverse), 423(satanic)
Kevin Hart=54(rev red), 108, 135(reverse), 423(satanic)

This just reminds me of Kobe Bryant winning an Oscar last year.
Kobe Bean Bryant=54, 135
Kobe from the Philadelphia area as is Kevin Hart. 

Homophobic=59=Slave=Negro so on..
Hart's bday of 7/6 is fitting too.."Negro"=76(reverse)

Homophobic Tweets=74
Homophobic Jokes=74, 164

Remember Kevin Hart is important to the Teen Wolf stuff from 2015 too. Thinking about his bday being the same day as George W. Bush.....HW being called Timberwolf....

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