Friday, December 14, 2018

High speed train crashed into a bridge in Turkey-Jamal Khasgoggi a cousin to Dodi Fayed who died with Princess Diana

I saw this story about a train crash that collapsed a bridge in Turkey. I was thinking how Jamal Khasgoggi died in Turkey. 
So I looked up Jamal Khasgoggi again and I never noticed that he was the cousin of Dodi Fayed. Fayed was the guy who was dating Princess Diana and died with Diana in Paris, France. I think Marian Marcus pointed out the connection to the Paris stuff and Diana dying there in a comment. 
So the Paris Protests about Gas/Oil.....Jamal/Saudi Arabia/Oil...

Remember last year on 12/18 we got the Train Crash off the bridge in Dupont, Washington too. 
Ankara, Turkey=65
Bridge Collapse=65

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