Friday, December 7, 2018

LeBron James listed as rookie in Spurs game-King symbolism

Rookie=35, 89
King James=35, 89

Lebron wears # 23. 
Today is 23 days before his bday. 
Remember the Lakers play the KINGS on Lebron's bday this year too. 
Also interesting the KINGS are playing the Cavaliers tonight..(Lebron's former Team...followers of King Charles). 

I also wonder with the King symbolism if the Lakers might possibly have a 16-11 record soon? Fitting for the KJV coming out in 1611.....Also interesting they are playing the Spurs again and the last game they gave the Spurs an 11-14 record....
Reminds me of Prince Charles bday on 11/14....
San Antonio Spurs=190(reverse)
King Charles=190(reverse)
San Antonio=421(Jewish)....Queen Eliz's bday is 4/21. 

Today is 23 days after Prince Charles bday as well. 

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