Sunday, December 16, 2018

The plot of the Smallfoot film in reference to Awakening the People to Truth

If you haven't seen this movie its worth a watch. I had never heard of it until recently I randomly clicked on it because I'm so tired of watching "Shrek". 
The whole movie is about a Yeti civilization that lives at the top of a mountain above the clouds. They are told that no other world exists and so on...The Clouds are actually being created by machines so they cannot see the world below. The ancestors don't want them to know the truth.  One day a Yeti sees a human(smallfoot) and eventually makes it down below the clouds to find that everything they've been told is a lie. They obey the Ancient stones that are kept by the stonekeeper, so seeing a smallfoot proves wrong everything they have believed. 

The main character even brings a human up to his world and then later convinces everyone it's just a Yak because the average person will believe anything. The Stonekeeper basically tells him how the world is dumb and will believe anything they are told. If they see it with their own eyes, they can still be convinced otherwise. 



It's interesting though that the reason the Stonecutters have been lying over the years is because they are trying to protect the others. They don't think the others can handle the truth of what the whole world is.(Humans murdering Yeti's). Just seems like the world we are living in, as they put it right in our face almost as if they want to see our reaction if we find the truth. Think of how in the last 15 to 20 years they have created such an awakening in the world too. Our whole awakening process in controlled... gematria included. They wouldn't show us things if they didn't want some of us to figure it out. 


  1. I watched this movie the other day. I thought about how this movie has a lot to do with what's going on in the world somewhat.

  2. Thank's for the referring this movie. I don't particularly like animation and I would have never watched this. There's Exodus/10 Commandment/Moses symbolism, Molech Bull Symbolism and Fallen Angel symbolism. The YETI looks like the Devil/Satan to me (Devil's Horn's).

    "Yeti"=55(Jewish Ordinal)
    "Satan"=55(English Ordinal)
    "Devil's Horns"=55(Full Red.)
    "Fallen Angel"=55(Reverse Full Red.)