Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Two Thirds of the Boy Band LFO dead from Cancer

I saw someone posted this on Facebook and I was just talking about the song Summer Girls the other day work. Figured I'd look at it quick. 
Devin Lima dies 118 days before his bday. 
Cancer=118 and 44
Devin Lima=44
He dies on 21/11 which is interesting considering his bday is 3/18. 
The 318th prime number is 2111. 
Notice the article says he died age 41 which was 13 months after he had a tumor removed. Then later says he is the father of 6 children. 
6th prime is 13. 
13th prime is 41.
Also born on the 77th day in 77'. 

Harold Lima=48 and 177
His bday is 177 days after Brad Fischetti.  

Richard Burton Cronin=118
His bday is 12 days before Brad Fischetti. 
Hummer Girls Video Link

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