Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Hawaii Earthquake on 5/4 in relation to the Alaska Earthquake on 11/30-January 21st 2019 Total Lunar Eclipse

It's interesting that this year the major earthquake stories in the US involved the non-contiguous states of Hawaii and Alaska. 

Notice the Hawaii Earthquake was on 5/4....The Alaskan Earthquake was 54 years after the worst recorded earthquake in the US(in Alaska). 
Anchorage Alaska=54

Notice that November 30th is also 5 months 4 days before 5/4. 

11/30 also 54 days before 1/23.....Remember we had an Earthquake on 1/23/2018 in Alaska too so pretty interesting how these dates connect somewhat backwards...

Non Contiguous=164(reverse) number I keep talking about..
Non Contiguous States=107(rev red)

I remembered how Hawaii became a state on the same day as the Great American Eclipse....Also remember how Sarah Palin was John McCain's running mate and we got the USS John McCain boat crash on the same day as the Great America Eclipse as well. 
Solar Eclipse=134, 190
King Charles=107, 190
King Charles III=134
Just intersting in regards to stuff I've been talking about. 
Lunar Eclipse=54 and 189(reverse)

We have a Super Blood Moon(Total Lunar Eclipse) coming up on 1/21/2019. 
It's interesting it's also called a Full Wolf Moon. 
Full Wolf Moon=164, 160(reverse)
These two numbers I have been saying have a relationship. 
Think about the WOLF stuff as well....The T-wolves connections to the Royal Family/Lupercalia.....also George Bush being nicknamed "Timberwolf". 

It's also 52 days after the Alaska Earthquake...
Full Wolf Moon=52
President=52=Whitehouse=Pope=Earth...a lot of interesting 52's. 

Super Moon=107..Remember we had the closest Super Moon since 1948 on Prince Charles bday in 2016...also got the earthquake in New Zealand...

I'll have to check the other moons going on next year. 

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