Monday, December 3, 2018

Interrelated Headlines on CNN-Sully the Dog-Jamal Khasgoggi-George Bush

CNN doing it big right now by putting interrelated stories as headlines. 
Notice the Beast story involving Jamal Khashoggi. 

Then we have a story about SULLY the Dog..
Of course George HW Bush a main topic. 
I just documented about the 2 Saudi Arabia girls found in the Hudson was a tribute to SULLY and the miracle on the Hudson. 
Remember the film "SULLY" came out on the 253rd day of 2016. 
George Herbert Walker Bush=253

Tom Hanks born on the 190th day....
King Charles=190
All the Earthquake/King Charles references with 190....UFC 190 being connected to WWE and the matches in Saudi Arabia this year. 
The Miracle on the Hudson happened just 5 days before George W. Bush left office and Obama started. 
King Charles=53, 107
George Bush=53, 107
Service Dog=53, 107

This story comes 85 days(end date) after 9/9 when Sully the film came out. Remember the 2 Saudi girls found 9 months 9 days after the 9th anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson. 
Look at the far right on CNN's headlines too...a story of the death of 85 year old Ken Berry. 
Saudi Arabia=41, 85
Khashoggi=41, 85
Bush the 41st president..."Skull and Bones"=41...9/11 all about 41. 

It's great too. I know 1 person who has the nickname Sully and I just looked him up on Facebook. Of course he would have the same bday as Jamal Khashoggi. 
Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi=77
He died 11 days before his bday. 

I mentioned in a post that there's something important to Oil with the Saudi Arabia stories and the Alaska Earthquake on the same day Bush dies. Earlier tonight we played the board game called "Googly Eyes" and of the 5 pictures I had to draw one of them was "Alaska". I thought it was crazy to get Alaska out of the crapload of other things I could get to draw. 
Another big story I had seen posted all over, including Snapchat is Garth Brooks doing a live show at Notre Dame tonight. 
Garth Brooks=53, 134
Notre Dame=41

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