Friday, December 28, 2018

Kevin Spacey video of groping Busboy in Nantucket

A few things pop up right away when seeing this story. Remember how Spacey was connected to the Stand By Me/Marilyn Manson/Family Guy Stuff....It was all about the JFK/Trump assassination......Back in October we got the death of the BUSBOY who comforted Robert Kennedy so I wonder if there is a connection to that. 

Also this kid is from Nantucket? haha who remember the saying? 
It's just so perfect he would be from Nantucket. 

Kevin Spacey=130
Nantucket Bar=130

I like how the bar is called "Club Car"...CC..33
Nantucket, Massachusetts=137(33rd prime). 
Snapchat Video=137

What's even funnier to me considering this story was the top story when I went to CNN a few minutes ago. It just now caught my attention that his name is "Kevin".....Just before I went to CNN I watched the film "Jeff, Who Lives At Home" by the suggestion of Sam a few days ago. I couldn't get it to work on my TV the past few days so I just found it and watched it on my computer. The whole premise of the movie is that he is following "Signs" as he believes they guide you through life. The major "Sign" that he follows involves the word "KEVIN". All of these events involving Kevin happen up until the end when he saves a father named Kevin from DROWNING. I can't help but think about how the drowning stuff was connected to my Father earlier in 2018. 

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