Monday, December 3, 2018

Qatar is pulling out of OPEC-Gas/Oil I've been mentioning the last 2 days

I've been saying that the Alaska Earthquake on the same day George Bush died was important to Gas/Oil. Now here were are getting breaking news that Qatar is dropping out of OPEC. OPEC has a major influence on the gas prices. 
Qatar has the 3rd highest natural gas/oil reserves in the world behind Iran and Russia. 
Twenty One=141
World War III=141
Once again think about the recent Climate Change/Global Warming stuff in the media in regards to Oil/emissions so on..

Of course as I'm writing this up and researching a bit I hear the world "OIL" on tv just as I was reading the word "OIL" on Wikipedia. It's season 13 episode 9 of Supernatural. The guy Derek Swan says it in regards to his Oil paintings. 

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