Wednesday, June 7, 2017

NBA Finals Pi/Pi Day Connections to Jesuit anniversary-Cernan death day

I wish I could prove it but the clock turned to 3:15 before I could take a screen shot. It was 3:14 when I thought of something in regards to Pi and the NBA Finals. I just read something on Zach's blog about Back to Back and remembered it has a connection to Pi. I went to start this blog post and looked at my clock and it was 3:14. Anyway.  
Back to Back=69
Cleveland Cavaliers=69
The NBA Finals=69(rev red)
The picture above is a comment I left on Zach's video about the connection to Pi and the Golden State Warriors. If it goes 7 games and they win they will be 31-4 since March 14th(3/14). 
It really does go with all the space stuff too as my biggest question in regards to the Rockets was  the big "35" game on January 16. This was day Eugene Cernan died as well. His bday was also Pi day. 
I've also been showing a lot of stuff in regards to the Jesuits/Angels Gabriel and Michael. 
Back to Back=312(english)
Archangel Michael=312(reverse)
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=312(reverse)
Four Hundred Seventy Seven=312(reverse)
2017 will be the 477th anniversary of the Jesuits. 
Francis Xavier died on 3/12(december 3rd)
Rihanna's bday 3 months 12 days before Game 1. 

Funny too when you think about the Zoloft video comment I made about being stoned...the video was put out on 3/12. ....then we just got the story of the Cavaliers locker room smelling like weed? Just something to think about. 

Pi Day to the Jesuit anniversary is 197 days also 6 months 13 days. 
Two Hundred Seven=197
Moon=197(satanic).....Cernan the last on the Moon...
6 months 13 days.....remember last year on 6/13 is when the Cavs started the comeback down 3-1. 
613 mitzvats...
King Charles I married Henrietta Maria on 6/13. 

The Jesuit anniversary to Pi day is 168 days. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=168
Remember too 9/27 to 1/16(35 game/cernan) is 111 days. 
The NBA Finals=111
Cleveland Cavaliers=111(red rev)
We will see what happens....
Seems to me it's still for the Cavs, lol but everything this year I've thought in regards to sports has been the reverse of what I thought. The one thing I thought was bad for the Cavs was the connection to 318. 
Carolina's named after King Charles...English Civil War. 
Cavalier is a follower of King Charles...
Last year.....Clemson(South Carolina lost), The Carolina Panthers lost....then North Carolina lost, but then Cavs won and Coastal Carolina won the CWS.......This year Clemson wins, UNC wins....maybe it's time for Cavs to lose? 

I see Sam Houston State might make the CWS this year as well....have to look more into the CWS when it begins. 

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