Saturday, December 22, 2018

Referee forces wrestler to cut Dreadlocks

Andrew Johnson=61

The ref was "Alan Maloney"=41
Sixty One=41
Andrew Johnson also won the match and his team won 41-24

It was reported by SNJ Today News reporter Mike Frankel? 
SNJ Today News=61
Mike Frankel=51

The ref was "Alan Maloney"=41
Sixty One=41

This story is all about racism. Think about the kids name...Andrew the president who took over after Lincoln was assassinated. 
Also Andrew Johnson the first president to be Impeached. Think about that in regards to all the media stories of Trump possibly being impeached. 

Probably something to do with Samson and losing power after getting your hair cut too. 

They were wrestling against Oakcrest. 
Oakcrest High School=92

Also Buena reminds me of the Battle of Buena Vista in the Mexican American war...Possibly nothing but it was important in 2016 with Trump. Also notice the mascot is the Chiefs. 

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