Sunday, December 30, 2018

Noticing a lot of "50" in stuff tonight-Chiefs-Wayne Static-The Karate Kid

I was on Facebook a few minutes ago and I saw a lot of people posting about Mahomes and his 50 TD passes this season. A lot of Chiefs fans in the area so a lot of people posting about it. 
So 50 TD passes is important..
Super Bowl=50(s) 
The Chiefs are a team I am watching considering all of the connections to 2015 and I thought Chiefs would win the Super Bowl that year. It was all about the Eagles stuff in 2015 and today the Eagles made the Playoffs too. 
Funny too I just talked about how the number "50" is really important to a lot of the synchronicity I have had over the year. 

So literally the next thing I see on Facebook that I stopped and watched was someone posted a Static X video. I have some odd memories of this band. They used to be one of my favorites until I went and saw them live and they only played 3 songs and left even though they were supposed to play longer. It really pissed me off back then and I boycotted them lol. 
Anyway I figured I'd look up Wayne Static again as he died in 2014. 
Of course "Wayne Static"=50
His real name is "Wayne Wells"=50

Also funny that trolled comment I got last night on my Rob Lowe Video fits in....I talked a decent amount about the number 50 in that video. I also talked about Ralph Macchio which is interesting as a few weeks back I started watching "Cobra Kai" on Youtube. I was just thinking about how I need to cancel my free trial to watch it soon I need to finish watching the series. 
Wayne Static and Ralph Macchio ironically have the same bday of 11/4 too. 
The Karate Kid=50

Also...."The Karate Kid"=333(Jewish)
Patrick Lavon Mahomes II=333
Philadelphia Eagles=333(Jewish)
Just something that stuck out to me. 



  1. I've been seeing it too. Colts Titans game ended with a total of 50. Super Bowl 55 will have 50 date numerology.

  2. KC is the city of fountains

    Frontier based in Denver. First game they played the sum was 50. Second was 53

  3. Frontier = 510 ext
    Frontier Airlines = 624 Jewish