Sunday, December 16, 2018

At least 42 injured in Japan Explosion-Japanese Emperor Hirohito during WWII

At least 42 people injured in Japan? 
Sapporo Japan=142
Forty Two=142
World War=42
Nagasaki,  Japan=42
Hiroshima, Japan=142

Hokkaido=43(rev red), 142(reverse) and 142(Jewish)

It's located at 43N and 142E. 
Forty Two=43, 142

Bonus note...the emperor of Japan during World War was Hirohito. 

Interesting his bday was 102 days before the Nagasaki bombing on 8/9. 
World War=102
He then died in the year 89' and it was 8 months 9 days after his bday. 
He died 10 months 2 days before the destruction of the Berlin Wall too. 

Remember FDR died on the 102 day of the year before WWII came to an end. 

Also if you go from 8/6(Japan bombing) to the Pearl Harbor bombing on 12/7 the dates are 4 months 2 days apart. 

Also note the Prime Minister of Japan during the bombings was the 42nd(term/adminstration) prime minister. 

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