Saturday, December 1, 2018

Death of George HW Bush-Super Bowl 53 and the War of 1812

I just posted about some synchronicity showing me my post involving Drowning/Father symbolism and then checked my Facebook. A breaking news thing popped up about HW Bush dying....the Father? 
Today being 11/30...the Cleveland Indians got knocked out by HOUSTON with an 11-3 score....113th WS champs and so on..
Plus Barbara Bush died the same day as my Uncle who I didn't blog about but was mentioned in my conversation at the Liquor store earlier. 
The day Barbara died was when I noticed the 624 pattern too. 
6/24 leaves 190 days....all the 190 stuff connected to 624. 
George Bush Sr.=624(Jewish)

HW dies 159 days after 6/24...
Clancy Murphy=159
He died 159 days after my bday and 6 months 24 days before. 
Ryan Murphy=159
Grandma Murphy=159
Barbara Bush born on the 159th day of the year(6/8). 

Think about the Bush's being Skull and Bones Members too....Today the anniversary of Paul Walker dying in the red porsche and on the film "The Skulls" he gets the red car.  
Interesting I posted a video about this Dec. 6th or 6/12....Bush's bday of 6/12(June 12th). 
Caleb Mandrake=202(Jewish)
Skull and Bones=202

Bush all about 77'(see previous posts)
Pentagon opened 77 years ago..

He dies 53 days after they announced his grandchild Barbara Bush's marriage...The announcement was on the 46th anniversary of Prescott Bush dying. 
George Bush=53
They announced this wedding 94 days after George W. Bush's bday. 

Remember Bush was hospitalized in Maine on the 147th day of the year. Now he dies 147 days after his son George Bush's bday. 
Ninety Four=147
Barabara Bush died 147 days before 9/11. 

George W. Bush born on the 187th day of the year.
H.W. Bush dies 187 days after he collapses in Maine. 
He dies the same day Houston blows out the Spurs by 31 points on the day leaving 31 days in the year. 
11th prime is 31. 
9/11 all about 11....HW gave the NWO speech 11 years before 9/11/2001. 
53rd prime is 241. 

I have a feeling this death is connected to the narrative of the War of 1812 as well. He dies in Houston...remember Sam Houston once used Francis Scott Key as a Lawyer over his case with William Stanbery. Notice Stanberry born on 8/10....also Congress ordered the arrest of Sam Houston on 4/ the day Barbara Bush died. It was a fight over Houston supposedly giving rations to the native americans. Think how the Astros knocked out the Indians on Christopher Columbus Day....the same day the Braves lost...same day the Redskins lost......Alex Smith gets injured...Jimmy G. gets injured....making us think about San Francisco/Super Bowl 47 that is all about the national anthem/war of 1812. 
National Anthem=147(see above)

Also remember Bush flipped the coin at the Atlanta Falcons vs Patriots Super Bowl in Houston.  The Falcons won the toss....Super Bowl 53 will be in Atlanta. "George Bush"=53
Sam Houston=53
William Beanes=53(Key's client during Battle of Baltimore)
Plus Bush dies 77 days after the anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner being written. 

This could explain why Bush died 195 days after his bday..
Houston Texans=195
Once again think about all of the 11 with 9/11 too. 
The Texans are currently 8-3..
Alex Smith # 11...Week 11  breaks his leg against the Texans.....Remember all the other 11 around Smith. I said to watch out for the Chiefs and we get a story about Hunt being let go today too. 
Kareem Hunt=53
JJ Watt the 11th pick in the 11' draft. J=1 J=1...11
Justin Watt=31....the 11th prime. 
Note above Bush dies 11 weeks exactly after the anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner being written. 
JJ Watt born on 3/22....the Skull and Bones favorite number. 
Francis Scott Key died on the 11th day of the year. 

The Texans opened up the season against the Patriots. 
They are playing Cleveland next...think about Astros knocking out Cleveland. 
Also Texans owner just died a week ago..
Bob McNair=41, 77

Also without the End Date Bush died 194 days before his bday. This number was important to Roseanne who was important to the National Anthem stuff. Remember H.W. Bush called Roseanne Disgraceful for her bad singing on the National Anthem. 

I'm listening to Zach's video on this right now and some guy called in and talked about 713...Houston in the 713 area code.....
Francis Scott Key=713(satanic)

King Charles=53

The Texans QB is Deshaun Watson.....notice his bday is on the anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner being written. 
Deshaun Watson=164
Derrick Watson=160
I keep saying these numbers have a relationship to each other too. 

Kareem HUNT has to be some joke on the HUNTING Seasons that begin around this time of the year. Iowa's begins tomorrow/now as it's 3am. 

Imagine that...the code word used to tell of HW's death was CAVU. 
CAVU=11, 47
President=47 and so on..

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