Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Synchronicity of the Day-JIM-Mowgli-Mexican guy saying I stole his car-Southpark Catholic Priests

Today I had some weird things happen to me. When I first got to work a customer asked my coworker if she had told me about him already paying for his stuff. He was going to come back later and pick it up, and didn't want me to think he was stealing it. I told him, it's not like I was going to chase him down as I know him and what not..His name is Jim. Anyway a while later the mail came and I walked back to put it in the office. As I got into the kitchen(by the office) my coworker asked if Jim came back yet. I had forgot all about what happened when I first got to work. I thought she was asking me if her husband JIM had been in the store. I then realized what she meant and I explained to her why I was confused. 
So not much more time went by and the Jim came in the store to get his items. While he was grabbing his items my coworkers husband Jim came in the store too.  I thought what are the odds both of these guys come in here at the same time, when I just talked about the confusion...I then looked at the time on ther register and it was of course 11:11am. 
Better yet both of their names equal 50 in Gematria(1 in reduced and 1 in rev reduced).  
Plus my name "Dan Behrendt"=50

So then after work we needed diapers, so I went to Denison and just got groceries too. It's about 20 miles from where I live. I figured it would be late before I got home so I ordered a Chile Colorado from the Mexican Restaurant and then came home. I noticed a truck was behind me and riding my ass for most of the way without passing me. He then backed off a bit when we got to the town I live in. I pulled up to my house and the truck stopped outside my car and he rolled down his window. It was some mexican guy who didn't speak english very well. I'm not sure exactly what he was wanting but he either thought I stole his car or kidnapped his wife or both. He wanted to come into my house and check to see if his wife was here? I explained to him that I didn't steal his car and where I got it. I also had no idea who his wife was and I didn't kidnap her. After a while of trying to explain this to him, he finally left speeding off. I've been hoping he doesn't come back in the middle of the night as it was just weird as shit. I mean he followed me 20 miles and then insisted that I knew his wife that went missing in my car or something of the sort. 

So I get all the groceries in the house and sit down and watch TV. I couldn't find anything new that I wanted to watch so I just turned on a random Netflix movie that popped up. It just so happened to be some "Mowgli" movie that my girlfriends mom recently watched. As I was sitting there I started thinking how it was odd I'm watching this movie as I just documented about Johnny Tsunami. The guy who plays Johnny is also in the film "The Jungle Book Mowgli's Story". He was Mowgli in that movie....
I'm still trying to figure it out....
Ha and seriously just as I type "Figure it out" the episode of South Park just said the same thing. It's the episode where they poop out their mouth. The were trying to "Figure It out" of why the priest would stick something up their butt. 
Looking up this episode...of course it's the 87th episode about molesting priests. (Red Hot Catholic Love") episode I have documented about extensively. 

Also earlier today I got a notification on my phone to watch Zach's video that came out 6 days ago about the priest stuff. I wondered why a notification came up today for this video considering it came out days ago. 

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