Sunday, December 9, 2018

Dolphins beat Patriots with a Miami Miracle-318

The Dolphins win by a "Miracle" with 34 points. 
The Patriots now have a 3-4 Away record. 

Rob Gronkowski was playing defense on this Miami Miracle..MM..13 13..
He missed the last tackle too.
Notice today is 209 days after his bday. 
Miami Dolphins=142, 209(reverse)
Rob Gronkowski=69
It was a 69 yard play. 

The play was called "Boise"=31
The play started from the 31 yard line. 

Interesting too as Kenyan Drake and Gronkowski's bdays are 3 months 18 days apart. This happens 318 days after Drakes bday. 
Remember in 2017 the number 318 was important to the stuff I was documenting with the Miami Dolphins and the death of my Uncle Barney. 
318 is also important to Jesus...
3/18 the 77th day of the year. 
318 mentions of the return of Jesus in the New Testament...
318 the God number on Touch. 
The only mention of 318 in the Bible refers to DAN. Also funny in regards to the last post about Carpenter...Dan Carpenter the former Dolphin....I talked about Jesus being the Carpenter and then we got the death of Keion Carpenter(ex falcon) before the Falcons went to the Super Bowl....this year the SB is in Atlanta. 

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