Monday, December 17, 2018

Tennessee Mother shot her Children 34 times before committing Suicide

A Tennessee mother shot her children 34 times before shooting herself? 


  1. DECEM-ber means TEN in Latin, hence TEN-nessee. This occurred in OCTOBER, the TENth month?? and it's being reported December. Remember there was an 4.4 Earthquake in Tennessee on on 12/12/2018
    (12 x 12 =144). MLK was shot in Tennessee on 4/4/1968 (4/4, 4.4, 44) another parallel.
    "34 Times"=144(Reverse Franc Baconis) 1 x 44 =44
    "Mark Of The Beast"=144(English Ordinal)
    34 is the 9th Fibonacci #
    "MLK"=9 (Full Red.)

    "Beast"=34(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Chronos"=34(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Jewish"=34(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Cross"=34(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Death"=34(Reverse Full Red.)
    "4 Adopted Kids"=341(Jewish) 341 ( 34 x 1 =34)
    Noticed the article refers to the children as KIDS, like Baby Goats.

    Also, Saturnalia began on December 17th (Pope Francis 82nd birthday) and Titan is SATURN's (SATURNalia) largest moon. The TENnessee TITANS defeated the NY Giants 17-0 on 12/16/2018.

    "4 Adopted Children"=82(Reverse Full Red.) 82 ( 8 + 2 =10)

    "Cynthia Collier"=154(English Ordinal)
    "Ritual Sacrifice"=154(English Ordinal)
    "Saturnalia"=154(Reverse Ordinal)

  2. Forgive my typos, I was in a hurry.

    "Death"=34(Reverse Single Red.)