Thursday, December 20, 2018

Copyright Claim(Blocked video) on Teen Wolf Video from 2/21/2015 Today-Lupercalia-Michael J. Fox

I just got home from band practice and checked my email. I got a copyright claim on my video from 2/21/2015 about Teen Wolf...I mean the video has been up for over 3 years and now gets a copyright claim? 
Notice the gematria of the title...
Teen Wolf Decode Valentines Lincoln, Nebraska=164 also 214(rev red)....Like Valentines is 2/14. 

It's funny too as just before this I was looking at my old Chris Farley stuff because earlier I saw Zach post a video on it and yesterday I saw a Facebook video of Adam Sandler doing a Tribute song to him.....then tonight at band practice I saw my friend Pat had his VHS of Chris Farley sitting out front and center...
In my old notes I mentioned how 
Chris Farley=98
He was born on the last day of Lupercalia. 
Now I get this video blocked that's about Lupercalia..
I've also recently had a few comments on my Chris Farley video from 2014. 
This claim comes from "mgm B_Viacom"=98

Also interesting that today is 64 days before 2/21 which is the day I put the video out. 
Lupercalia=64(rev red)

Today also 172 days before Michael J. Fox's bday..

 Remember all of this led up to Levi's Stadium and the 49ers/Rams stuff....We have the College Football Championship on 1/7 at Levi's Stadium coming up...

While writing this up, I was sitting here thinking it has to be something to do with Michael J. Fox. Earlier on the drive home from band practice I was thinking about 2015 being connected to Back to the Future and 1985....which is why the Bears playing well has been so important.....As I took the screenshot of Michael J. Fox I hear Zach say "Back to the Future" on the Gematria Effect(76:45). 

Have to think more on why I got this...Possibly a story involving Lincoln soon too? 


  1. Back To The Future is probably the most "themed" movie that I see all the time. It's funny that you bring it up now, because there's a band playing at Dr. Jack's called, "The Pinheads" and their logo is the Back To The Future logo.

  2. In the teen wolf movie his girlfriend looks like his sister from family ties.