Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Synchronicity with the song "Hot For Teacher"-Southpark-Ramsey Bearse-Dog the Bounty Hunter

Earlier tonight I ordered Pizza from Dow City, Iowa which is about 10 minutes away. I haven't had pizza from that gas station in a long time and it sounded awesome so I ordered it. Anyway my daughter went with me on the way to pick it up. She also goes to school in that town and I joked with her about just dropping her off for "Night School". A few minutes later I turned on the radio as it was too quiet in the car. Nothing was playing as it was on a bad station that was just static, probably from the Aux thing we hook up to our phones. I told Claire she could turn it to whatever station she wanted. The whole reason for this post is that she turned it to Z92, which is odd for a young girl to like as it's classic rock, but that's what she wanted.....As we were driving I noticed that the first song playing just so happened to be "Hot For Teacher" by Van Halen. A song I just documented about. 

I'm not sure the point of synchronicity but it did make me think about another recent post I made....
So we have "Hot for Teacher"....but just before that I documented about the Teacher who sent nude photos to her student on Snapchat...Ramsey Bearse...

Also since I documented about South Park in my original post it makes me think of the episode where Ike starts doing the teacher...
Intersting this episode parodies Dog the Bounty Hunter too as I just read an article about his wife having cancer and what not. I was going to blog about it, but I fell asleep and then didn't do it for some reason. 

Also my daughter Claire has been important in the past with synchronicity and South Park, so I think it's something important with it. 
Possibly it's something to do with the school she goes to? 
Boyer Valley=142
Hot For Teacher=142
Ginger Cow=142

Today was 51 days after Beth Chapman's 51st bday according to IMDB. 
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  1. Dude there's gematria in the music video Hot For Teacher. I did a vid on it a week or two ago. On the blackboard it says Holy Shit right to left. 20 9 8 19 25 12 15 8