Thursday, December 6, 2018

Android Box froze up while watching "The Conners". 624 still important

I just got home from band practice and I figured I'd watch TV for a bit while I cooked something. I first watched the new South Park and then I turned on The Conners. While wathing the Conners the TV stopped playing and completely froze up. I couldn't even move the mouse so I had to unplug the android box and turn it back on. Anyway when I went to unplug the box I noticed it said it was 6:24. It's actually 12:24am so the clock on it is not right, but once again 624 front and center. 
It stopped on a part where Dan was talking about the Lanford River...Remember last weeks episode Jackie called Dan the KING of England too. Remember how 624 is connected to Prince Charles..

The reason it sticks out so much too is that earlier today I got a message on my XXXtentacion video that I put out on 6/24. I haven't got a message on an old video for a while, so odd that it would be on one that I put out on 6/24. 

Android Box=164(reverse)
It's interesting too considering I mentioned a lot with the number 22 in the video above. Today is 22 days after Prince Charles bday and 165 days after 6/24. 
Twenty Two=165

I looked up today in history and see that there's something called Pride's Purge that involves King Charles I. I'm only documenting this as earlier on Facebook I saw someone comment about Trump should allow us to Purge. 

Today is 6/12(December 6th)...think about the Pulse Nightclub shooting on 6/12/ it's HW's bday...North Korea meeting...Earthquakes...

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