Friday, December 7, 2018

Barbara Bush's birthday and the Great American Eclipse-Also 99 connections-Aleister Crowley

I noticed something interesting about Barbara Bush a second ago. 
She has the 6/8 bday which is important to what I was talking about with Hawaii and the Great American Eclipse. Remember the Great American Eclipse was the first in 99 years and the previous one was on 6/8/1918....It was 156 days before World War I came to an End on 11/11 at 11. 
Barbara Pierce=99 and 252(reverse)
9/9 is the 252nd day of the year. 
We are currently in the 99th season of the NFL. 
Houston Texans=156(reverse)
The Last big earthquake in Hawaii before 5/4 was 156 days before. 
Moon Jae In's bday was 156 days after the GAE. 
Rodman visited NK 156 days after Kim's bday...played 911 games. 
World War III=156

Also all of these people saying Barbara is the daughter of Aleister Crowley.....
Aleister Crowley=190
Edward Crowley=156
Think about all the 11 stuff I was talking about and Qliphoth too. Remember Crowley's bday is important to what I was talking about with Gabriel and 1012 too. 10/12 the day Columbus supposedly discovered America...It's why it was important my Uncle was a Knight of Columbus and so on...

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