Saturday, December 29, 2018

Feleipe FRANKS Shreds Michigan-Synchronicity with Frank/Family Guy

I find this story interesting right off the bat because they are putting on "Franks". It is seemingly something important that I documented about last night. Kevin Spacey..Let me be Frank....France...Pope Francis and so on...
Feleipe Franks=64
Florida Gators=64

You have to appreciate that he is # 13 and they beat "M"=13 with 41 points. 
13th prime is 41. 
Peach Bowl=41

The article even makes sure to let us know he completed 13 passes and his team was up 13-10 at halftime. 

Both teams finish the season with a 10-3 record....1...3...

So I didn't finish this post and I went up town for a bit. I just got home and sat down and Family Guy is on. The first thing I see is the picture's a restaurant owned by Frank Sinatra Jr....but think about it...FRANKS? 

Frank Sinatra Jr.=160
Bookie of the year=160

It's funny the episode is a play of Rookie of the year and it came out just before the Cubs beat the Indians in the World Series. I documented about the film being connected to the Cubs and the Indians too. 
Frank Sinatra Sr. was synced to it as well. Remember he died on the day Israel declared it's independence(May 14th) in 48'. Indians hadn't won since 48'...a lot more. 
My Uncle Barney was connected to this as well and had the song "My Way" as his funeral song. 
Frank Sinatra Sr. also died 164 days after his bday...think about 160 and 164 being related. 

Dan Behrendt=50

It seems a lot of time when I have something like this it's connected to the number 50? 
Stock Market=521(satanic)

Today even comes 50 days(end date) after my bday. 

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