Saturday, December 1, 2018

George HW Bush death same day as Alaska Earthquake-Gas prices lowest in years-John McCain and Sarah Palin

190 Earthquakes? on..

This earthquake comes 10 months 7 days after the last big earthquake in Alaska. 

Anchorage, Alaska...AA.....11
Anchorage Alaska=54
This comes 54 years after the 2nd worst recorded Earthquake that was in Alaska...Also the worst recorded North American Earthquake. 
Plus think about the 11 and George Bush dying this same day. 
George Bush=107
George Bush born on 6/12 the big Earthquake number in regards to revelation 6:12. 

Think about Alaska too in regards to Oil. Yesterday at the gas station I work at gas went down to $2.06 per gallon. That's the lowest it's been in years. 
Oil=, 18, 45
Alaska=45, 45(rev red) also 18

Plus think about how John McCain also died this year and his Vice President candidate was Sarah Palin who was the 9th governor of Alaska. 
Sarah Palin=171
HW Bush died 171 days after his bday. 
John McCain=45

This Earthquake happened at 8:29
Palin was married on 8/29/88...
Mccain born on 8/29. 
The 145th prime is 829 which stands out to me as well. 
North Korea=145(reverse) and 53. 
Remember Trump met Kim Jong Un on HW's bday this year. 
Remember too how Gangnam Style got surpassed by the Tribute song to Paul Walker in 2017. The Korean War ended in 53'. Moon Jae-In born in 53'. 
Paul Walker would've turned 45 years old yesterday. 
McCain also had the connections to Korea with Otto Warmbier and the boat crashes. 

George HW Bush died age 94 and 94 days after 8/29. 
8/29 the 241st day.....53rd prime is 241...
George Bush=53

Think about the Bush's and Oil as well. Many people believe 9/11 and going to Iraq is about Oil.....think about the controversy with Saudi Arabia recently..
Also think about the recent Florida vote controversy reminding us of how George W. Bush won the election over Al Gore. Funny too how South Park's recent episode they brought back Al Gore and Manbear Pig too. 
Al Gore the 45th VP....Mike Pence=45....Trump the 45th president. 
Plus think about Alaska/Al Gore again in regards to Global Warming and the recent media stories involving Climate Change. 

I think there's a bigger riddle here with Earthquakes too. Think about how George HW Bush was hospitalized in Maine on 5/27 this year. That was the 81st anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge being opened...
I'm also going to have to go back and look at episode 126 of Star Trek the Next generation. I recently documented about Mark Twain and If I remember correctly that episode had something to do with San Francisco and Alaska. I have a video on it somewhere in the mix probably in 2014. There's even something to do with Whoopi Goldberg in it and the date of August 11th. 

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  1. LSU gives Georgia 1st loss of season & 1st road loss @ 10/13. 10/13 is 113d before SB53.
    Cowboys give Saints 2nd loss of season & 1st road loss 1m 17th day after 10/13. Dallas wins 10-13. 99th NFL season, thirteen = 99. George H. W. Bush died 10/30. Another 13 connection since he was the 41st President. Died age 94. Dallas = 49.
    Cowboys have very good chance to make Super Bowl.