Monday, December 3, 2018

Packers fire Mike McCarthy on Aaron Rodgers Bday-MM-13-Mike and Molly

Honestly my first thought when seeing Mike McCarthy being fired other than his MM name is the MOLLY theme I have mentioned. 
Remember it was connected to Mike and Molly that stars Melissa McCarthy. 
Interestingly enough the guy who plays Mike on Mike and Molly is from Pittsburgh just like Mike McCarthy. 
This comes on the same night the Steelers lose in the SNF game to the Chargers. Also McCarthy coached the Packers to win the Super Bowl over the Steelers in 2011. 

Remember all the M stuff in the baseball season....the Milwaukee Brewers have Mike Moustakas and so on...
Green Bay=41
13th prime is 41. 

He gets fired after coaching 13 seasons and it just so happens to be Week 13 of the NFL too. 
Michael John McCarthy=99(Rev red)
99th season of the NFL. 

Mike and Molly got canceled in their 6th season that only aired 13's odd as the other seasons had 20+ episodes. Also the 13th episode of the show aired on 1/3 in 2011 just before the Packers won the Super Bowl with McCarthy. 
6th prime is 13. 

This firing also happens 99 days after Melissa McCarthy's bday. 
I also want to point out that Mike McCarthy and I share a bday of November 10th. 

Mike McCarthy=69(rev red)
Green Bay Packers=69

He gets fired on Aaron Rodgers bday. 
Aaron Rodgers=189(Reverse)
Michael John McCarthy=189

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  1. Great stuff here. "Melissa McCarthy" = 169, which is 13 squared.
    In English Extended, "Melissa McCarthy" = 1330. The last episode of Mike & Molly aired a span of exactly 133 weeks, 0 days before Mike McCarthy got fired.