Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Charlie Sheen marks one year of Sobriety-2015 topics yet again

I've been waiting for a story about Charlie Sheen in the news. All of the stuff with Paris goes back to the 2015 Attacks in which he was coded to. 
Interesting this story comes on the 11th of December. 
Sheen also came out saying he was HIV Positive on 11/17/15...
The Paris Protests began this year on 11/17/18. 
So 3 years later...."Three"=56
The joke was that he had "Tigers Blood"...then gets HIV...Remember Kanye was important to the Paris stuff...and at the 2015 VMA's Taylor Swift performed BAD BLOOD. All of it was related to Kanye singing the Queen song at Glastonbury(Freddie Mercury had Bad Blood). 
Now this year Kanye goes to the White House....then they release the QUEEN movie. Now we are getting the Paris Protests..

What are the odds that Taylor Swift's current boyfriend is in a current film called "Mary Queen of Scots"? 
Mary was the mother of King James. 

It's just funny how all that I talked about in 2015 has came back up in 2018. 
A few other things I talked about around this time in 2015 were Zaevion Dobson....Rajon Rondo's gay slur....Miss Universe Pageant...Philadelphia/Earthquake...Kansas City Chiefs/Moses...

What's interesting about this is that we have the upcoming Miss Universe on Pope Francis' bday in Thailand....
Also this week in the NFL the Chiefs play the LOS ANGELES Chargers....and the Eagles play the LOS ANGELES Rams. 

I love Charlie Sheen's AA token too. 
The Pyramid with the Letter "I" in the center.....Think about it...Eye...I. 


  1. Think about how the triangle is important to the origins of Gematria as well.

    1. Yes, and the Triangle is important to the (I)lluminati as well. AA was formed in 1935(35)35/53 and Sheen is currently 53.

      The letter "A" is symbolic of a Triangle. There are "13" Illuminati BL(OO)Dlines (OO=66).
      "Thirteen"=99(English Ordinal)99/66
      "Alcohol"=66(English Ordinal)
      "Taylor Swift"=66(Reverse Full Red.)

      Charlie Sheen's birth name is "Carlos Irwin Estévez"
      "Carlos Irwin Estévez"=99(Jewish Red.)
      "Alcoholics Anonymous"=99(Reverse Full Red.)
      "King James"=99(Jewish Ordinal)
      "Illuminati Bloodlines"=99(Keypad)
      The divisors of 99 sum to 156
      "Triangle"=156(Reverse Francis Bacon)
      "Paris Protests"=156(Reverse Ordinal)
      "HIV Positive"=156(Jewish Ordinal)