Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Conners newest episode had a VIKING/Hagar bit in the storyline-KING symbolism-DAN

I just posted about Vikings/Hagar/Sammy Hagar and I remembered the newest episode of "The Conners" also had this theme in it. 
Fat Chicks=35
It's also interesting in regards to the KING symbolism...Vi KING? 6th King?  
King Ralph....Matthew Broderick is the voice of Simba(Lion KING). 
If you go 164 days after my bday is 4/23...which is a number I've mentioned is important to King's also 5 months 13 days(Gabriel/King Charles). 
This episode aired the day after the Vikings lost on Monday night too. 
John Goodman is DAN Conner. 
Remember a few episodes back Dan Conner mentioned the KING of ENGLAND too. 

Hagar syndicated by KING Features Syndicate. Launched on the 35th day of the year. 

The creator of Hagar was born on August 11th too. 
Hagar the Horrible=155
He dies on the 155th day of the year 6/4. 
Comic Strip=64

I wonder if we get a story soon that involves the Scandinavian area...Norway...Denmark(Mark of Dan)?..Sweden..Finland?


  1. There's a story on CNN today about Lou Ferrigno getting an infection in his arm from a pneumonia vaccine. He was a regular on the "King of Queens" of course he was the Hulk too. I think you will find lots to add to your collection with this story. I searched your blog to see if you had anything on the "King of Queens" and you have a couple on Oswalt Patton that are well done. I also looked up Hulk Hogan and you have a blog on him and of course his birthday is August 11, lol. Lou's birthday is November 9, he was hospitalized Dec. 12/18 33 days after his 67th b-day and including end date 333 days before his 68th. From his b-day November 9 to Hogan's August 11/19 including end date is 9 months 3 days. Queen Elizabeth turns 93 this year and her Public Birthday is on June 8th this coming year. 6/8 like Lou's upcoming age, is 211 days from his 67th b-day, 22 weeks before his 68th. I'm wondering if there was any predictive programming in the Hulk movies regarding San Francisco. Also the fact Stan Lee died 3 days after Lou's b-day and 30 days before Lou's hospitalization. I'm sure you will see lots here just going over some of your old blogs was blowing my mind again, thanks.

  2. Yep, just checked, Hulk 2003 movie filmed primarily in San Francisco, lol.

  3. Just going to post this so I remember where to look, lol. The Hulk 2003 movie had Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno doing cameos as security guards. In the Hulk movie there's a character "Betty Ross", Betsy ?? Betsy Ross apparently did the flag at 239 Arch St Philidelphia. From the date of this story to August 11/19 is 239 days. Also Clint Eastwood has been in the news and is 88 years old and from San Francisco......

    1. Jennifer Connelly played "Betty Ross". Jennifer's birthday is December 12th the actual day Lou Ferrigno was in the hospital. From December 12 (12x12 time reference) to August 11/19 = 242 days, the flag is 242 years old this year.

    2. Also the character in the movie "Bruce Banner" like "Star Spangled Banner"?? Statue of Francis Scott Key in Golden Gate Park...

  4. The connors. Makes me think of james conner lol. Viking hat. Vikings steelers sb? Lol jk