Saturday, December 1, 2018

George HW Bush's last Words were "I Love You, Too"

George HW Bush's final words were to his son George W. Bush. 
The words were "I Love You Too"=174
New World Order=174
NWO=174(rev sum)

Wonderful Father=77
Again and again the numbers I talked about all summer with these guys and 9/11. 

Barbara Bush died 174 days before her grandkid Barbara Bush's marriage was announced. With the end date actually married 174 days after on 10/7. 
Barbara died on the 107th day of the year. 
July 10th leaves 174 days in the year. 10/7..."George Bush"=107

Funny too just reading about Bush it says he was the captain of the Baseball team at Yale in 1948(senior season). He then met Babe Ruth just weeks before he died. Think about how Babe Ruth was important to the World Series this year. Also the year 1948 in connection to the Indians and so on..

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