Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Indonesian Tsunami days after the film Johnny Tsunami popped up on my Android Box Featured Movies

 When I saw this story I instantly thought of my televison. Just days before this Tsunami I went to the APP Coto on our android box. The first movie that popped up on the screen was Johnny Tsunami. I wanted to watch it, because it's a nostalgic movie for me. I remember my cousin Lane calling it Johnny To Sanumi and us making fun of her. 
Anyway I didn't watch the movie because my son was crying and I was trying to turn on the movie "Smallfoot". The only movies that he calms down for and loves are "Shrek" and "Smallfoot" and I've about had all I can take of Shrek. 

So interesting we get a story of a Tsunami just days later. I knew there was something important with that movie popping up out of nowhere. 

I've previously documented how the major 2004 Tsunami in Indonesia was just before the Eagles lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Now in 2018 we have got 2 Tsunami's in Indonesia after the Eagles beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. 
Notice this new Tsunami comes 1 month 12 days before SB 53. 
Super Bowl=112
It's also interesting it's 43 days as I remember all the original reporting said at least 43 dead in the Tsunami. 

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