Saturday, December 15, 2018

Van Halen's Hot for Teacher Music Video uses Gematria and on the "Ginger Cow" episode of South Park-Sammy Hagar 164-Other Thoughts

I watched this video earlier in regards to Van Halen's song "Hot For Teacher". 
Casey Jones-Hot For Teacher Youtube Video

He was looking into Emmanuel Macron marrying his teacher and watched the Van Halen video "Hot For Teacher". He noticed on the Chalkboard the numbers write out "Holy Shit" in reverse. 

So I was looking at the song and I see that it was in the South Park episode "Ginger Cow".....this episode has been talked about recently in regards to August 11th and the 3rd Temple. 
Hot For Teacher=142
Ginger Cow=142

I started thinking about Sammy Hagar who has blondish/red hair..also known as the Red regards to the Ginger Cow...
Anyway I'm only posting this because I noticed his name is 164. 
Sammy Hagar=164(reverse)
Samuel Roy Hagar=164
This number I have been seeing a lot lately and not sure what it means. 
Possibly we will get the death or a story of Sammy Hagar in the next year? I just posted about the owner of the bar in town that was connected to 164. I never posted more yet, but his full name on his obituary is also 164.  Just like Sammy Hagar and his full name. 

Interesting too that 164 days before his bday next year is 5/2. 
Sammy Hagar=52, 164
Samuel Hagar=52

I can't help but think of Hagar the Horrible either. It reminds me of the Vikings and red hair. 
Maybe there is something I'm supposed to see with the Vikings in the NFL? They are playing Miami this week just after the Miami Miracle...the Dolphins were my favorite team...I also have strawberry blonde hair/red....
I remember a long time ago I talked about the Tribe of Dan supposedly having red hair too. 


 It's also interesting that above the song "Hot for Teacher" it says is 
covered on Trisha Paytas "Fat Chicks" Album. This only sticks out to me because the WordPad I put a lot of my stuff in is called "Fat Chicks". Plus I have a song about a priest who fucks fat chicks instead of little boys from a long time ago. Also earlier today I was thinking about this topic. I just documented about seeing a guy named Jake Roberts and him not liking me. I saw him again today....The reason he didn't like me was because I did his ex girlfriend who of course fits the description. Remember he was born on the 164th day of the year....I talked about him in the post with Jesse Ventura(Minnesota..thinking Vikings?) and the number 164. 

Notice Trisha Paytas also a regular on the Greg Behrendt show? Funny as he is the only celebrity I have ever heard of with the same last name as me. 
Fat Chicks=35, 55
Think about Sammy Hagar....I can't drive 55....I've talked about this song as well in regards to Back to the Future. 
The Moon landing day 7/20 leaves 164 days in the year too. 


  1. Lol, holy shit!! No wonder you asked me if I'd been reading you're blog.

  2. Crazy man, I was looking into the Behrendt name and then I searched your blog for you mentioning Greg because he's the first person to pop up when you search Behrendt. Apparently they're doing another Sex and the City reboot. I also came across this book "The Wicked Wit of Scotland" I opened it up this morning to a page on Gingers. If you have brown or blonde hair and can grow a red beard you're considered a trans-ginger. I also noticed that "Greg Behrendt" = 343 Jewish which is the same gematria value for "Aquaman". I did some work on Emmanuel Macron being Aquaman at some point because the film premiered on his 41st birthday. Seven7One1 and I have been looking into Neptune the past couple of days as well. Some pretty cool stuff there. Neptune is placed at the top of the Tree of Life at the place known as Keter "The Crown". Reminds you of Corona of course. Neptune discovered on 9/23/1846. 9/23 the 266th day when Pope Francis came to America and everything. Rambo also has done some work on that date as well as 7/23 which is Neptunalia. He recognized it as the date masons commemorate as the heliacal rising of Sirius. Michael Jordan's father died on that date I believe and when he played for the Bulls they ran out to the song Sirius and so on. Sirius' rising marked the annual flooding of the Nile and of course Neptune is water related. 923 = 13x71 the 6th and 20th primes. Keter = 620 hebrew gematria. 22:51 on a clock is the 1371st minute. 2251 is 1377 base 12. 1377 is the english ordinal gematria of Revelation 8:11. Seven7One1's work revolves around Revelation 8:11. Oh yea, that Behrendt guy born on Zach's bday. What are the odds?!

  3. Francis become Pope on Uranus' discovery date 3/13 and then the whole U.S. thing on Neptune's discovery date 9/23.

    Donald Trump turns 923 lunar months old on the next full moon which I believe is the 28th. It will be in Leo since we'll be in Aquarius beginning on the 19th.