Sunday, December 9, 2018

Chicago Bulls suffer Worst Loss after losing by 56 Points-Fred Hoiberg Fired-Teen Wolf

The Bulls lose by 56 points just 3 games after firing Head Coach Fred Hoiberg. 
Fred Hoiberg=56
Worst Loss=56

Hoiberg got fired 49 days after his bday. 
Chicago Bulls=49
Something I never thought about before with the Teen Wolf symbolism is Fred Hoiberg. Notice he's from Lincoln, Nebraska which is important to the film "Teen Wolf". He was also VP of operations and a player for the Minnesota Timberwolves before becoming a coach. 
Remember the Bulls have Zach Lavine who was a Teen Wolf in 2015 who won the Slam Dunk Contest....Along with Andrew Wiggins another Teen Wolf who won the Rising Star Challenge MVP. 
Kevin Garnett=56
What are the odds that early in the morning this same day I was reminded of the importance of the number "56" and posted about a bunch of old 56 connections....then later that night an NBA team gets beat by 56 points? 
Also all of that Teen Wolf stuff was important to ex Bull Michael Jordan who will turn 56 years old in February. 
Possibly nothing but I see that in 56 days the Bulls play the Hornets which is the team Jordan owns....also the Bulls 56th game of the season is against the Wizards...the team Jordan fully retired with. 
Michael J. Fox=56.......MJ Michael Jordan...
Scott Howard=56(Teen Wolf's name)
Teen Wolf Came out on Kobe Bryant's 7th birthday too. 
Don't forget the upcoming Wolf Moon in January too. 

Hoiberg also fired with the Bulls after coaching a 5-19 record. 
This is interesting as Kevin Garnett's bday is 5/19. 
Hoiberg played with Garnett when he was with the T-wolves too. 
Also the coach was Flip Saunders who died in connection to all of this/Kobe Retiring....Flip also supposedly was about 20 yards away when the Minnesota Bridge Collapse happened. 

The Bulls also scored 77 points against Boston. 
Fifty Six Points=77

Fifty Six=46
Hoiberg=46....He's 46 years old. 

Don't Forget that Hoiberg played at Iowa State and they retired his # 32 jersey.  
Iowa State=32
Ames, Iowa=32
He retired as an NBA player when he was 32 years old after wearing # 32 for the T-wolves. 

It's also interesting that Hoiberg fired after the game against Houston and Houston was the last team in the NBA to lose by 56 points. They lost to the Super Sonics which is funny as Hoibergs final game as an NBA player was against the Super Sonics. 

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