Sunday, December 30, 2018

Trolled Comment on Roast of Rob Lowe video

Getting ready to lay down as I have to work in the morning, but Claire just woke up and puked. Everyone in the house has been really sick the past few days except for me. I have a massive cold but I haven't been what I call sick. Anyway when Claire got up, it gave me some energy so I got back on the computer. I just got a notification of someone talking shit on my video of the Roast of Rob Lowe and how it's connected to the Indians vs Cubs WS. 
I mean how can anyone talk shit on this video considering the Indians did play the Cubs in the World Series that year and this video came out a over a month before the World Series began? 

Notice the video has 16 likes and 9 dislikes. 
Greedy Juddy=169
Rocky Colavito=169
Detroit Tigers=169

I just documented about "Dame June Whitfield"=169 but I didn't mention that in the post as I didn't see how it fit. 

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