Thursday, December 27, 2018

French Revolution in relation to Napoleon's bday on the 227th day

The Tanster wants to talk with me about Gematria and Truth sometime in the near future. When looking at her channel I noticed a lot of stuff about Napoleon so I figured I'd look him up a bit. 

How interesting that Napoleon died on May 5th which was the 32nd anniversary of the French Revolution beginning. 
He was also born on the 227th day of the year. 
French Revolution=227(reverse)
French Monarchy=227(reverse)
May 5th was when the "Estates General"=227(reverse) met for the first time since 1614 too. 
It also makes sense as to why we got the Nice, France Van attack on Bastille Day in 2016. That was the 227th anniversary of the the Storming of Bastille. This was a day before the Turkey Coup attempt that year too. 

Also note that the amount of days between the dates of the beginning and end of the French Revolution. It's 188 days. 
Bavarian Illuminati=188

The French Revolution came to an end 86 days after Napoleon's bday. 
Napoleon Bonaparte=86(rev red)
You have to love the 9/11 or 11/9 date as well. 

Napoleon's bday is also interesting as it's 15/8. 
Notice the hidden hand pose in the above picture. 

Also note that King Louis XVI died 152 days after his bday. 
King Louis XVI=152(reverse)
Louis XVI=49(rev red)
This is interesting as the 49th prime is 227. 

It's also interesting that the Revolution began 110 days before 8/23 which was King Louis XVI's bday. 
Napoleone di Buonaparte=110(rev red) and 823(Jewish)

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