Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Tennessee Earthquake 53 days before Super Bowl 53-New Madrid Earthquakes just before War of 1812

I saw this story of the Tennessee earthquake at work today. I'm laughing that I took the picture at 1:07pm without thinking twice about it. 
Notice the Earthquake was a 4.4 
Earthquake=44, 107
Today is 12/12.....12/12=144....Forty Four=144
I've been mentioning Earthquakes in regards to Philadelphia/East of the Rockies for a while now so interesting we get one in Tennessee. 
Plus it's been a place of interest in a lot of different posts I've had. I even made a video last night that I haven't posted in which I talked about all the 11 and Finger Eleven. Remember Finger Eleven wrote Wrestler "Kane's" theme song. He is a mayor in Tennessee.  

Honestly one of my first thoughts with this story is how the New Madrid Earthquakes happened in 1811/1812 just before the War of 1812. Then they say this Earthquake was felt in Atlanta where the Super Bowl is going to be played. This season of the NFL is all about the War of 1812. 
This earthquake happened 53 days before Super Bowl 53. 
New Madrid=53
The earthquakes hit near Decatur, Tennesse...
Decatur named after Stephen Decatur who was a naval officer in the War of 1812. 

Remember too how I just mentioned that Andrew Jackson and the 11th President James Polk both died in Tennessee....actually both in Nashville. 
Ha well looking at my post apparently I didn't write that in my blog, but I remember thinking about it and didn't write about it. I wanted to look to see if they are the only presidents to die in Tennessee first and I forgot to do that..... Now I wish I would've...oh well. 
I just looked it up and the only other president to die in TN was Andrew Johnson in Elizabethon, TN. 
In looking too, I forgot that Warren G. Harding died of a heart attack in San Francisco....

Google Maps say the fastest route to Atlanta from Decatur is 163 miles...
In 2015 I talked a lot about Batman/Earthquakes at the Super Bowl. Don't forget how all of this is connected to the Blackout Super Bowl 47..and Atlanta had the Blackout at the Airport. 

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