Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Jeff Bridges to get Lifetime Achievement Award at the 76th Golden Globe Awards-Moon symbolism

Remember Jeff Bridges has been a big piece to what I have documented over the years with the "Ralph/Bridge/Earthquake" stuff. 
Notice he is going to receive the lifetime achievement award at the 76th Golden Globe Awards. 
Lifetime Achievement Award=231 and 417(reverse)
This sticks out a lot considering 231 is a big number I talked about with all of his connections. 
The Big Lebowski=231
National Anthem=231
The Big Lebowksi Jeff Bridges and 231 Recap Blog Post
The reason that the 417 above seems important to me is because I made this big post about Jeff Bridges and 231 on the day my son was born...I made it early in the morning just before my girlfriend went into labor. 
Remember my Uncle Clancy died on 4/17 and his death and my sons birth have been interrelated and important. 
My son born on 1/17...
Golden Globes=117

Also how much have I been mentioning the number 164 being important lately? 
Golden Globe Awards=164

Also don't forget that Jeff Bridges was in the film Starman which was important to the Eagles/Moon symbolism last year with the Falcon Heavy Launch(David Bowie). 

The reason that sticks out so much is a host of the GG Awards this year is Sandra Oh....Notice her bday is the annivesary of the MOON landing. 

The Golden Globes come 170 days after her bday or the Moon Landing. 

It's why I think the Steph Curry/Moon landing story is important..
Steph Curry=117
Golden State Warriors=117

The other host is Andy Samberg...Notice his bday is on 8/18. 
A date I have mentioned with the Bridge stuff and Pope Francis...
Plus in 2016 when I first started talking about The Big Lebowski 8/18 was the 231st day of the year. 

Andy Samberg=46
Sandra Oh=46
Golden Globe=46

The GG Awards also 15 days before the Total Lunar Eclipse on 1/21/19. 
Moon=15(rev red)

Funny too that my daugher is watching some new(new to her) cartoon on Netflix called "The Dragon Prince". 
Just as I was writing the word Moon a bit ago, the guy on the show said "MOON". They kept mentioning a bunch of stuff about the moon throughout the episode too. I looked it up and the whole season of this show says "Season 1(Book 1: Moon)". 

I also have a feeling there is something important to this film.."The Princess Diaries". It has Sandra Oh in it....I just recently looked at this film because I was documenting about Mandy Moore..plus now I see the director is Garry Marshall and just today we got the death of his wife "Penny Marshall". 

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