Sunday, December 9, 2018

Synchronicity with "I Can't Breathe" while reading Zach's post-Jamal Khashoggi-Eric Garner-Zack Dobson/Paris/Carmelo Anthony

I just went to Zach's blog a second ago and was looking at the post about Jamal Khashoggi's last words "I Can't Breathe". 
Right as I was reading the phrase "I Can't Breathe" my girlfriend was playing with Zamien and said..."ahhh I can't breathe". 
Not like it's that amazing as this happens all day to me, but figured I'd document it since I'm on the computer. 

Something interesting too is that the Khashoggi stuff began on 10/11. I'm just thinking how that is Zack Dobson's bday too. He was connected to Carmelo Anthony/Paris Protests that are about Oil. Think about Saudi Arabia so on..

As Zach pointed out in his post the phrase is memorable for the Eric Garner thing. 
Eric Garner died 60 days before his bday. or 1 month 29 days. 
Today is 12/9.  
Jamal Khashoggi died on 10/2. 
Nigger=60, 102
Today comes 59 days after 10/11. 
Jamal Khashoggi=59
Negro=59=Slave and so on...

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