Sunday, December 16, 2018

The phrase "Organic Gematria" is 666 in Satanic

I always see a bunch of people talk about the gematria in their lives and call it "Organic Gematria". This is a term I've never liked using for some reason, and really don't ever call it this. 
I just thought it was funny when I typed it in and it equals 666 in Satanic Gematria...Also 423(Jewish)...which is an important number I've mentioned recently. 

God created the world by numbers, but who is the real God of this world? We can kill all the Freemasons/Jews/Jesuits/Overthrow the government/NWO so on...but we are never going to fix the world until we can fully understand or rid this system we all live in.

Satanic Gematria=666
Funny as today is also 36 days after my 36th bday when I notice this...
The Satanic cipher based on the 36th Triangular number which is 666. A=36, B=37 and so on...
36th prime is 151. 
Jesus Christ=151

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  1. "The Moon" = 423 (Extended)
    Its diameter - "Two thousand one hundred sixty miles" = 423 (Ordinal)
    Maybe the Jesuit and Freemasonic societies ARE, to an extent, Organic elements in the Matrix. "Agent Smiths", if you will.