Saturday, December 8, 2018

Paris Protests and the connection to Carmelo Anthony-Zaevion Dobson and other things I've mentioned recently

Carmelo Visits Zack Dobson-Paris Post
Funny how the day before these Paris Protests began I documented how it Carmelo Anthony visiting Zack Dobson was connected to Paris and the Paris Attacks. I've also mentioned how Kanye West was important to Paris and so on....Even Justin Bieber getting married I mentioned how his last album came out the same day as the Paris Attacks in connection to Prince Charles....
King Charles=190
Zaevion Dobson=190
Yellow Jackets=190

The Protests began over Fuel/Gas Hikes proposed too. 
What have I recently been saying....

Notice how the protests began 3 years 4 days after the 2015 Paris Attacks too. 

These protests also began 34 days before President Emmanuel Macron's bday. 
The Carmelo post I mentioned how Zaevion Dobson died 34 days after the Paris Attacks. Carmelo is 34 years old right now. 
Carmelo wore a "Paris" shirt when he visited Zack Dobson. 

Zack Dobson's bday was 34 days(end date) before the 2015 Paris Attacks....
Carmelo actually met him at the "B/Real"=34 premiere on 10/19. 
Zaevion also shot in "Tennessee"=34
He was born on 6+28+00=34. 

Thirty Four=56(see my previous post as 56 was the other important number)
Notice these protests started 56 days after the anniversary of the French Republic. 
Paris France=56
Eiffel Tower=56
Museum=34(closing with Eiffel Tower)

I talked about 56 so hard in 2015 around the Paris Attacks. It makes more sense now why Carmelo playing so terrible reminded me of Allen Iverson....Iverson was all about 56....
Allen Iverson=56
Larry Brown=56
Wore # 3...."Three"=56
Arrested in High School at "Circle Lanes"=56..."Bowling alley"=56
He got out of Jail because of "Thomas Brokaw"=56
Mike Bailey=56(high school coach)
Dress Code=56
Washington DC=56(Georgetown)

plus the Paris Attacks were connected to Team America...Everyone has Aids...then "Charlie"=56 Sheen comes out with HIV...."Two and a half Men"=56....Men=14....14/2.5=5.6.....
Climate Change=56 was big around this time...Obama even visited France about it just after the Attacks. 
Kanye=56=Omari=Kim Kardashian=Nori
Royal Family=56
Osama Bin Laden=56
Adolf Hitler=56

A big piece to all the 56 stuff was also the Teen Wolf stuff...
Kevin Garnett=56
Much more..

A lot of this goes back to Prince Charles/Royal Family as well....Charlie...Charlie Hebdo...The Truth about Charlie......Interesting the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets beat the Virginia CAVALIERS on 11/17. 

Plus since Bush just died it reminds me of the stuff I was talking about with him and Jimmy Carter in 2015. Remember we also had the car ramming outside the Miss America Pageant in Vegas...the same day Carter's grandson was in connection to the ramming in Nice, France that Sylvester Stallone was at...Also Trump involved in that riddle. It's why the Vegas attack was on Jimmy Carter's bday. 

Also I just noticed a new thing...


  1. Interesting Post Dan! CARmelo is becoming a real Freemason Puppet, By The Numbers. Apparently, Houston Rockets P.J Tucker and Chris Paul recruited Melo this summer on a trip to Paris, France.

    "Beast"=34(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Diana"=34(Reverse Full Red.)
    Diana, Princess of Wales the 1st wife of Prince Charles died in a Paris, France allegedly from injuries sustained in a CAR Crash (CAR-melo). The Paris Protests are about the rising pricing of Gas/Petroleum, which is used in CARS.

    "Synagogue Of Satan"=190(English Ordinal) 190/160/109 -The #6 is the #9 upside down.
    "Thirty Four"=160(English Ordinal)
    "Diana, Princess Of Wales"=109(Jewish Red.)

  2. I had no idea that "Freemason Puppet"=190(English Ordinal).