Saturday, December 22, 2018

Some thoughts about the recent Attack Zach experience and Truth in General

I don't know what the fuck is going on anymore. There is a force that is trying to completely mindfuck me lately. I haven't been making videos for a few reasons, but one of the reasons is I wanted to sit back and think about this truth community. I've felt a lot of negative energy in the past 2 months from comments and such in regards to the legitimacy of Zach. 
First off, I want to say that I do trust Zach, but I wouldn't be a person finding truth if I haven't documented things that seem fishy from time to time. I hope that people have done the same with things I have done as well...especially considering no one really personally knows anyone on the internet. A person would be foolish to just "Believe" and not continually "question" in regards to finding truth. I've documented things about many people over the years as well, not just Zach. Most of the things are just speculation and can/have been answered by some manner whether true or not. 

For example, I would find it fishy about myself going on Zach's radio show on the 58th episode. 
Dan Behrendt=58
It's the only episode I have been on and it wasn't planned that way. It was just the first episode I was able to go on as Wednesday nights are not usually good for me. 
I'm in no way a Freemason or a shill, but I could see how some could speculate that from the above. 

Anyway back in November I took a much needed break from the videos to think about things and just try and live a "normal" life for a bit again. Of course it can't happen because everyday I have synchronicity and see the patterns going on...but I wasn't stressing myself trying to share it to the same 30 people who watch my videos. 
A few weeks ago on my way home from band practice, I was listening to the Gematria Effect and I asked God(or whatever I think God is) to give me an answer about Zach. Then a few weeks later we get this dumb Chris Dorsey debate on Facebook. It's funny as I just got a new Facebook and got added to the Chigozie Group just before all of this. Anyway the debate was just retarded and proved absolutely nothing, other than Chris Dorsey screaming nonsense over and over. 
There's just something about all of this that doesn't make sense to me. Why is it that almost every year around this time we get "Attack Zach" stuff going on? Remember in 2016 we had the Montagraph stuff and the car crashing into Zach's house....this was just before we learned the importance of Reverse Gematria...Then the NFL script was Flipped...the Vikings and Colts both knocked out of the playoffs on the same day Zach's house crashed into...I was talking about the number 166 like crazy..then my Uncle died in a very suspicious car wreck with a bunch of 166 around him..the same day he died I got a letter in the mail with $300 basically telling me that I need to just trust god and quit doing all of this. Then a guy named James Jumper makes a blog mocking my blog...of course "James Jumper"=166(revese) and "Reverse Gematria"=166...On the blog he refers to me as "NAD" name in reverse. All before Reverse Gematria was really brought out. 

It's stuff like this that makes me pretty positive that Zach is a good guy, but always in the back of my head I will question. That's what truth seeking is about. I mean what if it's just all set up to seem this way? I don't think that it is, but like I'm saying I will never rid the possibility as I do not really know any of the people in this truth community other than Sam. 
If you want an example of why you can't trust people on here search my blog for "YesEthan". This stuff is a recurring thing. 

Anyway, I have not really commented back about this on the Facebook group, as I'm just trying to avoid it altogether. I'm here for Truth and advancing my state of understanding. I don't have time to sit and worry about whether someone is a good person or not.(Yet here I am lol) I'm taking information I learn from others and the information I find for myself and learning more about life. I never started making videos or this research way back to expose anyone. I just want to know the truth of our existence. 

There is for sure something trying to purposely give me this negative energy though....Yesterday I got home and checked my email and saw I had a spammed comment on my post about Zach's car crash in 2016. Why would I get a spammed comment on this post out of nowhere? Especially when it's been such a big thing lately. 
There is for sure something trying to divide all of us and make it harder to advance this knowledge, yet at the same time I think they want us to know it to an extent. 

Also does it not seem odd on Halloween my computer Hard Drive completely crashed and can't be retrieved...I soon after took a break from making videos...Then on December 6th the same thing happened to Derek...His hard drive crashed and then he took a break....I've owned a lot of computers over the years and this was the first time I have ever had a Hard Drive just crash out of nowhere and was unable to retrieve my files off of it. Something doesn't seem right about it. I did have my wordpad sent to my email thankfully so I only lost about a years worth of notes but still sucks. 

The one thing I do agree with in regards to the people talking about Zach is that he didn't do all of this by himself. He figured out a big piece to all of this, but he has learned a lot from myself and others and built on it. I mean I was talking about sports being rigged by numbers before I knew his channel. I even knew simple gematria(didn't know it was called that) and talked about things such as Triple H being HHH which is 888(Jesus). Or how Neo Nazi's loved the number 88 before H=8 ..Heil Hitler(88). How my name equaled 176 which was 88+88. A lot of my videos were a lot like Zenith of the Alpha is now...Such as how the peace sign is a 222 because it's a V with 2 fingers...V=22 with 2 fingers, or X is Times(St. Andrews Cross) a bunch more with it. I've always felt that I'm better at seeing a narrative though, such as the Donald Sterling racist stuff then David STERN retired. Replaced by Adam SILVER...Clipper is a boat..Stern the back of a boat...Sterling Silver.. Anyway.... Zach did discover the biggest piece to all of this, but he has grown and learned a lot over the years too. If you were around long enough you would see this for yourself. When he first started doing this he wasn't as confident as he is today, but that is no reason to say he's a shill. He has had a lot of subscribers and people talking shit over the years. Also think about the death threats, letters in the mail and so on.. Eventually that's going to create an ego of some sort. I mean he has shared my channel multiple times, has asked me to be on his radio show multiple times and other things, so I think he's just taken in the wrong way sometimes. Also if you actually listen to him, he does talk about learning from others once in a while. 
I wonder if that story about Cliff teaching Zach's old student is true now too? Or was that Cliff? I can't find info on it currently, but I thought it was Cliff.  If that kid really does know Zach, doesn't that mean he's telling the truth about his past? I'm just curious about this story in general now, as it's involves what I always talk about with these connections.  

 I'm also still baffled as to how barely anyone has a clue of my channel or the things I've advanced this knowledge with over the years. When I say knowledge I mean all the pieces involved, such as the storylines/themes being used. I've been steady talking about "organic" gematria for a long time, so maybe that's why I'm so suppressed ? Or maybe most people just don't really care?  Zach has never really been big into these connections...but that's because he's trying to expose the media and the lies we are being fed as a main priority. I think he needs to talk about this more, but I also think that he doesn't experience these things in the consistent level I do. Also I know how it can be confusing to someone new, especially with the amount of info being talked about. I actually like how there are many people showing their research in different ways too. Zach is really good at exposing the media and so on, Derek shows the deeper Math/Ciphers, Zenith finds a bunch of creative things, Bobby showing astrology,  I show my personal experiences/themes and how they relate and so on.. There are plenty of people showing things in their way and we should be learning from each other. Sam has got me listening to more Jordan Maxwell things too. I'm not positive if Jordan is a "shill",  but he does have a lot of good information. Especially if you check into and research it for yourself and not just believe him...just as you should do for anyone. So even if he's a bad guy, it's the information that's important.
I truly just want to learn and help others get a better comphrension too....Unfortunately in doing so you find out there are people who are ruling over us with this knowledge. Unfortunately we have to continually fight being mindfucked and divided too. 

Remember in regards to the "organic" stuff, there is Qliphoth which I'm more and more beginning to think has been somehow used to give me these negative feelings in the last few months. I wonder if there is more than just 2 sides too. We are told about Kabbalah and Qliphoth, but what if there is something else we aren't allowed to know about...or what if Kabbalah is actually dark and Qliphhoth good. I'm always thinking and not believing, which is another reason why I think people know little about the info I've presented. Most people don't want to hear a thought, they want to be told what to believe in. I can't get myself to be this way because I can only share my experience and I don't know what I fully believe ever.  

11 was that big important number all last month....11 Qlipthoth(Duality of God Thaumiel). 
EL EVEN...Even with El
I11uminati....from the Montagraph videos. 
Master number..
Zach Attack=31....11th prime..."Synergy"=31
Think about it too...this was all before "Reverse Gematria"...the Letters Montagraph was talking about in regards to Zach's crash were "CHREVPLCR"=138(reverse). "Zachary Hubbard"=138

I got a feeling we are in for a big awakening point again within this study just like 2016 when this same energy was around. 


  1. The big piece that is missing from Derek and Zach's work is that there are Archons (demons) who control men's thoughts and actions, and that these immaterial creatures are what are behind the so-called "matrix".