Sunday, December 30, 2018

Lion escapes and Kills Worker in North Carolina-Samson-Lion Air 610 crash

I just went to CNN after documenting seeing a bunch of 50...The first story I see is about a Lion killing a worker. 
Of course "LION"=50
This story makes me think of Samson again. We have got recent stories about cutting hair and now a story of a lion....Samson who was in the tribe of Dan killed the Lion with his bare hands. Then later Bees made Honey in the dead lion. I wonder if we get a story of Bees soon? Again this is all stuff I talked about years ago, even before I made videos. 
Of course Daniel in the Lion's Den as well. 

Mebane, North Carolina=109
Alexandra Black=109

Also interesting..."Conservators Center"=81

Notice the woman is from New PALESTINE too. I wonder how Samson might fit that narrative....or possibly it's something to do with Jesus/The Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Also remember the Lion Air plane crash not that long ago as well. That plane was Lion Air Flight 610 which is interesting considering the Detroit Lions shut out the Packers today and now have a record of 6-10. 

It's really funny thinking about this as well because earlier my girlfriend said she didn't know who Jonathan Taylor Thomas was. I told her a bunch of things and then said and he's the voice of Simba on the Lion King(young Simba) interesting that would even come up tonight. 


  1. Some Random stuff. Man on the Moon = 624 extended. The Star Regulus the Heart of the Lion is in Virgo. It's only been there for a few years. Usually it's a woman who's murdered in these stories. I imagine one day a woman will kill the Lion.

  2. 50 milee from Raleigh it says

  3. Raleigh North Carolina = 612 Jewish. Shooting code. Known as the "City of Oaks" (Thousand Oaks) (Tree of Life Synagogue)

  4. A 22 day span later the Chiefs play the Pats under a Leo Blood Moon situated next to the Beehive Cluster. It will be very prominent during the blood moon.

  5. Kareem Hunt released the same day Bush Sr dies. Tomorrow's game is 51 days since Bush died. Mars = 51. Moon = 51. Kareem born on the 218th day of the year. Part of Bush's "Death" ritual. Death = 218. August 6th to 11/30 is 116 days