Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Big Lewboski-Jeff BRIDGES-231 recaps

I just remembered the significance of Jeff Bridges to the death of Ralphie May...Just want to document him again in light of "Bridges" in case I forget and can find it easier. 
Ralphie May died 231 days after his bday of 
Cardiac Arrest=231(reverse). I put my video out about Fat Comedians on the 231st day of the year. 
The Big Lebowski=231(reverse)
National Anthem=231(reverse)
Minnesota Vikings=231(reverse)
The guy from the Price is Right messaging me just before the Vegas shooting...
The Price is Right=231(Reverse)
One Hundred Fifty=231(reverse)
The Ben Franklin Bridge was built to honor the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence..The engineer was RALPH Modjeski. 
Philadelphia Eagles=150
The Big Lebowski hates the Fucking Eagles too. 

Angel Gabriel=231(Reverse)
A theme I talked a lot about for the first 6 months or so of 2017. 
Ariana Grande=231(reverse)....Concert Attack and days later we got the Attack on the Bridge...

A lot of the Ralphie May stuff was connected to the death of my Grandma as well...She was from Flintstone, Georgia just outside of Chattanooga where Ralphie May was from....My Grandma used to live on "Eagle" Street. I live right behind her house but my address isn't Eagle Street. 
I also had the synchronicity with Country Singer Kane Brown who is from Chattanooga around this same time...
Kane Allen Brown=231(reverse)
The Pilot episode of the Flintstones was called "The FLAGstones". Trump born on Flag Day...Philadelphia rumored to have sewn the first flag..
Think about Ralphie May as well....he was a STAND UP Comedian..STAND By seems a lot is about Standing and Kneeling...

The Big Lebowski released on 3/6 and is 117 minutes?
Bridge=36 and 117(Reverse)

Also Ralphie was a Fat Comedian and I showed the connections with 124 and Fat Comedians.....Jackie Gleason is the reason Lois Griffin's brother hates Fat people and kills them....Gleason was Ralph Kramden on the Honeymooners which was the inspiration for Fred Flintstone....Gleason also Minnesota Fats...
Jeff Bridges born on 12/4 and David Huddleston(other Big Lebowski) died 124 days before 12/4...

Paul McCartney wrote the song Blackbird..The song Manson said was telling blacks to rise up, which why we got the kneeling stuff again this year and the death of Manson. 
McCartney's bday is 231 days before Super Bowl 52....he sang the Halftime show in SB 39 as a safe bet after the Timberlake/Janet Jackson boob thing in SB 38.....SB 39 was the Patriots vs the Eagles. 

Natural Disasters=231(reverse)
Unnatural Disasters=124(rev red)

Two Hundred Thirty One=266
Think about how the mainstream media gave us the stories of Donald Trump calling out the Kneeling on 9/23 the 266th day....Pope Francis the 266th Pope went to the Whitehouse in 2015 on 9/23 came to America on his 923rd day as Pope and so on...
Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope was on Trump's 70th bday(Flag Day)..
Donald J Trump=1,189(Jewish)
1,189 Chapters in the KJV. 
Key of David=1,189(Jewish)
Francis' visit was finished in Philadelphia on the Jesuit anniversary..the bible mentions the key of david in regards to the Church in Philadelphia...
Francis Scott Key....Francis Got Key.....

Trump met Pope Francis on 5/24/17...both jesuits synced up to each other in multiple ways connecting to the jesuits. 

The Minnesota Bridge collapsed replaces by the 
"Saint Anthony Falls Bridge"=231

Dutch=231(satanic)....Pennsylvania Dutch other Dutch stuff I talked about...

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  1. Maybe there's a connection for you in this song from The Eagles, thanks for your work.
    'Seven Bridges Road'
    There are stars
    In the Southern sky
    Southward as you go
    There is moonlight
    And moss in the trees
    Down the Seven Bridges Road

    Now I have loved you like a baby
    Like some lonesome child
    And I have loved you in a tame way
    And I have loved you wild

    Sometimes there's a part of me
    Has to turn form here and go
    Running like a child from these warm stars
    Down the Seven Bridges Road

    There are stars in the Southern sky
    And if ever you decide
    You should go
    There is a taste of time sweetened honey
    Down the Seven Bridges Road

    Written by Stephen T. Young • Copyright © Universal Music