Sunday, December 9, 2018

Former Miss Kentucky RAMsey BEARse charged with sending nude photos to a 15 year old the same day the Rams play the Bears on SNF-11th president James Polk-War of 1812

This one takes the cake for funniest story of the day. 
A former Miss Kentucky winner charged with sending nude photos to her 15 year old student. 
Notice her name is RAMsey BEARse....
This story comes when the Sunday Night Football game is the Rams vs the Bears. 
My cousin Katie and her husband Joel are in Chicago to watch this game tonight too. Remember he's a huge Rams fan that was born on the 53rd day of the year. Katie is my uncle Clancy's daughter so she is a Bears fan because her dad was. 
For sure gonna watch this game tonight, as a few weeks ago I said it would be important. I didn't realize my cousin and her husband were going to the game at that time either. 

I feel like my previous post about Synchronicity and "I can't Breathe" is somehow connected to this considering my Uncle Clancy died because he couldn't breathe. 

Ramsey Bearse=193
44th prime is 193...
Miss Kentucky=44
Los Angeles Rams=160...a number I've mentioned recently...

It's interesting as the school above is outside of Charleston, West Virginia.....Remember the worst recorded East Coast Earthquake was the 1886 Charleston, South Carolina one. 

Andrew Jackson Middle School.....Think about the connection to the War of 1812...Andrew Jackson won the battle of New Orleans ending the war. 

She went by the name Ramsey Carpenter during the pageant so I figured I'd look to see if there were any connections to Carpenter and the Bears/Rams....the first thing that came up was a guy named Dwaine Carpenter who played for the 49ers and the Rams haha. Notice it says he was one of the only 49ers to speak out about the death of Thomas Herrion....when you look him up you find out he blocked for Alex Smith in yet again connected to the narrative I have been talking about. 

Only other Carpenter I can think of is Dan Carpenter and Keion Carpenter that I documented about in 2017. 

Another reason Andrew Jackson has been so important this year I think is because he died on 6/8. Which is Kanye's bday...Barbara Bush's bday...important to 9/11...the great american eclipse and more...
His bday was the Ides of March too..

It's why they made sure to tell us the students at the school are from 6th to 8th grade too. 

Random piece of info here, but I was thinking about the number 11 being important so much and I've never looked at the 11th president. 
James Polk=417(satanic)
Middle intial even "K"=11. 
He was the president when the Mexican-American War ended...
James Knox Polk=49, 166
Died on the 166th day of the year in 49'. 

He died 141 days before his bday..
James Polk=141

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  1. Interesting Post Dan! Christ was a Carpenter, more mockery. Christ was arrested before his Crucifixion and death always equates to loss. Former LA RAMS Isaih "Butch" Robertson #58 died in a (T)raffic Co(ll)sion in TEXAS and the media is calling it a "(T)exas Car Crash".

    "Traffic Collision"=666(English Ext.)666, 6 x 6 x 6=216
    "Texas Car Crash"=666(Reverse Satanic)
    "Ramsey Bearse"=666(Reverse Primes)
    "Isiah "Butch" Robinson"=216(Jewish Red.)

    "Talmud"=141(Franc Baconis) 141 (1 x 41 = 41) George H W Bush from Texas was the 41st President

    "Texas"=15(Full Red.)
    The student in this story was allegedly 15 yrs old and Kentucky is the 15th State

    The University Of Kentucky Mens Basketball lost yesterday and are currently 0-2 and their Women's Basketball Program lost to Louisvi(ll)e yesterday.