Friday, November 30, 2018

Synchronicity yesterday and a conversation at the Liquor Store-164-624-810-Old Posts related to the conversation

I stopped at the liquor store tonight and the girl working was a friend I haven't talked to in a while.(Leah) She graduated with my sister and we used to ride to college together as we had the same classes. Funny too that she text me earlier today asking if I could DJ their family Christmas party again, but I'm already booked that night. Then I go to the liquor store and she is working. I rarely go to that store so it seems as if it happened for a reason. 
 Anyway she was telling me about the guy who owns the Buffalo Club(bar) being in the hospital. Remember I documented about him back in the summer because of synchroncity I had at the bar with 624.
Synchronicity at the Bar Post
Anyway the owner of the bar has cancer and from what I've heard he isn't doing well. It's basically down to some experimental stuff and if that doesn't work then there's nothing they can do. 
Look what his name is in Gematria though...
Mike Bissen=164
This number I keep talking about. 
It's interesting today is 160 days after what I think is his bday too. I keep seeing 164 and 160 and they seem to be related. I started seeing them both at the same time, but 164 has been more prominent. 

Later in the conversation Leah brought up something about her dad who died on 9/4/2014(same day as Joan Rivers)'s always stuck out to me as I was following a pattern with Joan and Robin Williams back then and then her dad died on that day too. He was a well known guy around town...played in a band sometimes and just a laid back guy that was easy to get along Leah brought up something about knowing I'm an atheist, but she hopes there is something more when we die and so on....I told her that I'm not atheist and told her about Kabbalah/Gematria/Signs so on...I then told her about some synchronicity I had just yesterday at work...I was talking about a guy at work and then I looked up and he pulled into the parking lot and came in the store. 
His bday just so happens to be August 10th(8/10)...Rocky Colavito's bday so on...
I noticed his name on Facebook is "Jimmy Rockin Kirk"=189
Leah's dad's full name also equals 189...and remember this also has a connection to 164. 
In 2017 I even documented how 164 was connected to Earthquakes and it also was connected to 189 so I know there is some type of relationship...I just forgot about it until I searched the numbers on the blog. 
Leah seemed interested too as I told her some stuff about Gematria and many examples of "coincidence/signs"...I gave her some info and the name of Zach's book so hopefully she will check it out. 

Remember too that the Cleveland Indians are connected to my best friend and I find it interesting that Leah's bday is the same day my friends brother died. I've always remembered her bday because of this....5/11...and he died in a "Saturn"=511 
Kirk=189(satanic)....think about Jimmy KIRK from above as well. 
Chris=190(my best friend)
haha oh my god you won't understand this unless you have been following me...but once again 189 and 190 have a connection to each other too. 
Plus the synchronicity at the Buffalo Club was with Chris/Drowning/Father symbolism. 

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