Sunday, December 2, 2018

Ben Franklin's birth and death in regards to some main points I've made all year

I just turned on one of Zach's videos and was reading the comments. I thought it was funny a lady with a name that is similar to mine was talking about the syncs to her family with Barbara and George Bush...especially considering my Uncle died on 4/17 and I've talked about that a lot this year. 
Anyway a few seconds later Marian Marcus mentioned Benjamin Franklin dying on 4/17....
Now this is great because 2 big things in my life this year were the birth of my son on 1/17 and the death of my uncle on 4/ Franklin's birth and death. Plus how much have I mentioned the importance of Philadelphia over the years. 

Ben Franklin=253
Philadelphia Pennsylvania=253
George Herbert Walker Bush=253
Also "Benjamin Franklin"=713(satanic)
Houston in the 713 area code. 
Bush died 7 months 13 days after Barbara. 
Francis Scott Key=713(satanic)
Sam Houston was ordered be arrested on 4/17 and Key was his lawyer. The KEY of David in regards to Philadelphia....Francis Got Key. 
He's super important to the Bridge symbolism...Remember even after my son was born we had a weird thing with our lights in the house.....Thomas Edison died 117 days before his bday....Think about Ben Franklin/Electricity. 


  1. also anchorage alasksa is aa for another 11 with bush. referencing the earthquake on same day as bush passing... even a 7.0 on scale for another 117

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