Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Obama to Free Chelsea Manning...17..Royal Family. SB 51, Minnesota Mall Stabbing-Chelsea/5K race bombings

Obama commutes Chelsea(Bradley) Manning today. 
35 year sentence getting cut on 1+17+17=35
The last time we got a story about this person 4 days later we got the Chelsea-5K Trash Bombing. 
Bradley Manning=139
We got a story on 13/9 about him being allowed to become a woman in prison.  It says 14/9 in the link below, but it came out on 13/9 as I posted about it on 13/9 even. 
Chelsea Manning Sex Surgery in prison

This Story comes 4 months 4 days after the last story. 

Remember how the Bombing stories happened the same day as the Minnesota Mall Stabbing and the stories were all interrelated. US Bank Stadium in Minnesota's first sporting event held there was soccer (Chelsea)...They play in Stamford Bridge, the 1st ever Marathon in the US was in Stamford, CT. Which is where Gene Wilder died, Mike Sadler(Mich St) was born, Jackie Robinson died. 
Christopher Lloyd is from Stamford...
I talked about Earling, Iowa being called Marthan, and then changed because there was already a Marathon, Iowa. The girl who was exorcised came from Marathon, Wisconsin. 
I just find it interesting since we just got the death of William Peter Blatty as well and now another Chelsea Manning story. 

These stories were connected to the Royal Family as well as it involved Elizabeth, NJ. 

Chelsea/Bradley lived in Wales from age 13 to 17...
How interesting as I've mentioned the 13/17 stuff with Miami. 

Today is 65 days(End Date) after Charles Prince of Wales bday. 
Miami Florida=65
Today is 17/1....which is a number connected to Charles in the English Civil War. 
English Civil War=171

Notice he/she was born on the 17th...This story comes out on the 17th....Set to be released on May 17th.. in the year 17'. 
Manning moved back to the US age 17. 
The Minnesota Mall Stabbing/Chelsea/5k bombings were on the 17th of September. 

After the trial Manning was convicted of 17 of the original charges. 

If released on May 17th its also the 137th day of the year. 
33rd prime number is 137

Manning will be released 152(End date) days after his/her bday. 
Super Bowl LI=53, 152
Manning is 29 years old. 
Football=29, 83
Obama to Free Manning=83 (Headline)

The first NFL game to be played at US Bank Stadium was a Week 3 preseason game against the Chargers. Who interestingly were just in the media for moving to LA. 
This was the same week that Kaepernick didn't stand in a preseason game against the Packers. 
The first Regular season game played at US Bank Stadium was the Vikings vs the Packers. It was the tribute game to Prince when Aaron Rodgers threw the first score of the game pass to Jordy Nelson.  
Rodgers to Nelson.
Prince Rogers Nelson. 
Although Wikipedia has the date wrong on that game as it was on September 18th just the day after the Minnesota Mall attack. 

Jordy Nelson=151
Born on 151st day of the year. 
Seems fitting with the "Jesus Christ"=151 symbolism. 
1st and the last Super bowl...1st and last person to walk on the Moon die.  Neil Armstrong connected to Prince even. 
Without the end date Manning will be released 151 days after it's birthday. 

Jordy Nelson played college at Kansas State. Notice it even says after Bill Snyder left he stayed under coach Ron PRINCE.

Ron Prince born on 9/18 the same day the Packers scored the first ever regular season TD in US Bank Stadium. Now he's with the Lions. 
Also says he's from Omaha, Nebraska. 
Bill Snyder is from St. Joseph, Missouri but his father lived in Omaha it says. I've also mentioned St. Joseph Missouri a few times in regards to the Civil War stuff and the St. Joseph, Michigan Baliff shooting. Also Jacob Wetterling the missing boy from St. Joseph, Minnesota who was found dead. 
Jacob Wetterling
Wetterling also kidnapped the same day the Vikings played the Lions in 1989. The week before the Vikings beat the Packers. 
Death of Curtis Hanson St. Joseph
Notice in the Curtis Hanson story, he was also born on 3/24 which is 10 months 12 days before SB 51 also 318 days. 
The Monster of MaryVale...St. Joseph, Maryville Missouri
Michigan Baliff Shooting, Miss America
DMX X Theme. St Joseph's Hospital

As I'm reading farther down on Ron Prince I see it says Raheem Morris coached under him at some point. 
Raheem Morris currently is a coach with the Atlanta Falcons. I forgot until now but I've actually met Raheem Morris before as he is married to a girl from Woodbine, Iowa. It's about 10 minutes away and I used to live there. I met him probably 10 years ago at the golf course in town. No idea if he's still married to her or what, but interesting to me that the team he works for still has a chance to make the Super Bowl. 

The Falcons first game of the season was even a loss to Morris' old team Tampa Bay. Interesting too the Falcons played the Rams and the next game played the 49ers. 

Something to keep in mind too is that the Packers played the Steelers in SB 45. It would make sense for a rematch with all of the 45 stuff. 
Trump the 45th president
I haven't really looked a lot in to the Steeler's but it seems possible. 

Whatever getting off topic, but not really as all of these stories are interrelated. Just have to figure out the point of it all. 

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  1. Crazy as t seems, Jordy Nelsons wifes maiden name is Rothlisberger!! Ive never known a rothlisberger, and 2 associated with the NFL at the same time lol