Saturday, January 14, 2017

My Uncle Barney was in a car accident today...Weird stuff as I was typing this post.

I just wanted to leave a little note about my Uncle before I go to bed as well. Today after I got off work I went to a Father-Daughter Prom thing they were having at the school. It got over about 8:30pm and I thought they were serving food but they actually didn't. My daughter didn't want to wait and cook something at home so we ordered some food at the Gold Slipper. 
Anyway my mom was working and told me that my uncle Barney was coming home from the Mayo Clinic today in Minnesota and wrecked his truck. He doesn't have a clue what happened or anything and he's now in the hospital because after the CT Scan it showed he had bleeding on his brain. He went there for Chemo and Radiation but only got radiation because he WBC count was low. 
The Gold Slipper=166
Barney Murphy=166

Today is the 13th and not only that but Friday the 13th...
He gave me the # 13 Dan Marino Jersey. 

Once again some weird stuff. I was listening to this video as I was typing this blog.... Just as I was typing "Not only that" in the above sentence Zach literally says "Not only that" too.  
Interesting numbers in the time   152...512
Superbowl LI=152
There's a lot of other interesting 152's but the Super Bowl is a lot of what I have been talking about recently. 
He then talks about a microwave plugged into his house which is interesting as I'm talking about my uncle getting radiation before wrecking his truck. Just very strange...Now I'm wide awake again lol. 
Also notice Zach's views....1,032

Says he has 175 comments....
Today is 175 days(End date) after my Uncles bday. 

Anyway just wanted to leave myself a note so I don't forget the details of tonight.  Hopefully he will be alright, I'll find out more as my mom will let me know. Not sure if he had a seizure or stroke due to radiation or if he just can't remember because he hit his head.